Sep 032011
People Who are against the growth of Gujrat will not succeed - Narendra Modi

Chennai, Sept 3 (TruthDive): The BJP is at present stalling the Parliament and running to petition before the President to prevent the institution of Lokayukta in Gujarat and to hide the corruption charges against the Chief Minister Narendra Modi as revealed by the Gujarat Congress leaders. The Congress party is on the offensive against BJP […]

Sep 022011
Journalist Revati Laul of Tehelka creating a misleading picture of the biggest movement of the people of India

Revati Laul is not the only journalist or intellectual who is creating a wrong picture of the mass movement  of Indians against corruption.  There are a large number of them who out of their intellectual arrogance and sheer jealousy, desperately want to malign the movement or the persons associated with it.   It seems they […]

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