Jun 212016

Highest Paying Sports

However, not all sports quite share the same level of audience attraction. Thus, and while other factors certainly come into play, it makes sense that some athletes for some sports are paid more than others. With that being said, here are the Top 5 Highest Paying Sports.

5 – American Football
Cam Newton American FootballTo begin the list is American Football and its most popular parent organization, the National Football League (NFL). In the United States, American Football viewership statistics are some to certainly be desired, definitely showcasing the popularity of the sport.

4 – Golf
Jordan Spieth GolfThis list is in many ways difficult to construct. When comparing how much each sport pays, its important to remember that each sport, and it’s given parent organizations, all operate differently. Golf is one of the sports that exemplifies this perfectly, as how much money a player makes is largely dependent on which and how many tournaments he or she may win.

3 – Auto Racing
Michael Schumacher Auto RacingOnce again on the list is a sport that pays on a per-win basis, Auto Racing. It’s no secret that this sport in particular is one of high risk. Even in daily life, many are scared to ever get into a car accident, even considering that the average speed one travels in their car on a typically day isn’t really that high.

2 – Boxing
Floyd Mayweather Jr BoxingOnce again offsetting the sport’s danger, this time the risk being potentially beating your opponent to death, boxing likewise has a reputation for paying its athletes large sums of money. Sometimes, even the loser of the fight walks away with more money than the average athlete in one of this list’s prior entries.

1 – Basketball
Lebron James BasketballFor NBA players, ball is life, and life is good. With an average salary of just over $4 million, basketball players earn big bucks to try to lead their team to a championship. Because of the worldwide appeal of basketball, and the NBA’s international viewership basis, NBA players also make more money simply based on their star power.

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