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Don’t miss out on these ten amazing destinations in 2016 for the time of your life.

Why For a laid-back, artistic, creative holiday experiencing the best wine (Napa Valley trail), food (California freshness), scenery, and art scene country style way. Must do Eat at Trattoria Mollie, by Chef Mollie, an Ethiopian refugee who owns the best Italian restaurant in town; she caters for President Obama’s fundraisers. A memorable day for us was sailing out on a boat into the expanse of the Pacific Ocean where we saw a number of whales and frolicking dolphins. All tracked by our drones. The Santa Barbara zoo is also a delight and you can feed the giraffes.

Why The city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, will be hosting 2016 Olympic games in August. Must visit For the spirit of the people, the beaches, the healthy food, football and the parties.

Why Because it never ever fails to disappoint. There are a number of fantastic, well-known attractions like Disneyland, Universal Studios, a walk down Sunset Boulevard and Rodeo Drive, the beaches and surfing in Venice Beach and Malibu. Must try I was truly amazed at was the fusion food; hot dogs with guacamole and peppers (Mexican style) or noodles with barbecue sauce (Tex-Mex) as well people at their coolest and happiest best.

Why For being voted the third best surfing beach in the world. Killer Point with its beautiful, rolling waves is a great place to learn to surf. Stay at Paradis Plage Resort which offers surf lessons for beginners and great food at their beach side cafe. Their spa has a chocolate massage, which infuses chocolate into your body and makes it (almost) edible.

Why Nature is pristine, the people are pure and Bhutan is so close to home that its unmissable. I would say this destination should be on the travel list of every Indian. On our Air India flight to Bhutan, we saw Mount Everest through our plane window, which is the closest I will ever get to it. Must appreciate The law, which insists that traditional architecture is respected and traditional clothing is adhered to, is outstanding both in its vision and execution.

Why For the most windswept beaches in the world. Think cut-off jeans, rock music, bonfires with driftwood, endless walks into the horizon and long swims into the majestic Atlantic Ocean; if that appeals to you head straight to Tarifa, the south of Spain. Can do From there, it’s an easy drive to part-town Marbella and great experiences beyond.

Why Because this is a national treasure. We stayed at a ryokan (a traditional Japanese inn) and as I had drawn one for my architecture projects in the university, I loved being in a real 3D version. Must check Melt-in-your mouth Japanese food sitting on tatami mats and explore the beautiful Zen gardens. There are several Japanese crafts being created as part of living traditions.

Why The sheer dynamism, power, and energy of the Chinese can be witnessed in this eternal city. One gets a taste of China and all that the county has to offer but there always seems to be more to discover. Must do Stay at The PuLi Hotel and Spa for its Zen-like rooms and delicious tea with teatime snacks. The markets are fun and chaotic and it almost seems like a treasure hunt.

Why There is nothing more soul-uplifting in the world than being in the Maldives, both physically and spiritually. Over the last 30 years, the island has become one of the most sought after destinations. Must do One is so close to nature in Maldives that you feel close to God. The sea is so many shades of blue and the hotels so creatively luxurious, walk barefoot on the sea, believe me it is luxury at its best.

Why For an amazing array of dazzling beaches, great beach restaurants “chringuitos” serving paella and fish, fun discos, sexy boats and a glamorous party. Must remember For 24-hour fun, this is the place to be in summer. If you fancy a bit of culture, visit Alhambra, a palace and fortress complex, and Sevilla, the sultry capital, which are both uplifting using Marbella as a base.

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