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Kiwi Growing Countries

Surprisingly enough, New Zealand does not produce the most kiwi fruit in the world, and people from New Zealand, are not called Kiwis because of the fruit, but because of their national symbol – the kiwi bird. In fact, the kiwi fruit, which originated in Eastern and North-central China, was first known as Chinese Gooseberry, but later was named after the kiwi bird. Why? Well, according to one story, in the middle of the 20th century, there were high export charges for all kinds of berries in New Zealand, where this fruit was brought and harvested. In order to avoid high export charges, Kiwis decided to change the name. They’ve noticed similarities between their national symbol – the kiwi bird, and this beautiful Chinese fruit, and the idea for the name was there.

According to another story, the name Chinese Gooseberry just wasn’t that appealing, and they wanted to change it in order to have a more marketable name. “Kiwi” was perfect because it was the national symbol.

Statistic data from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations was used to find out who dominates the kiwi fruit world.

8. Iran
Production: 31,603 tonnes

Iranian kiwi fruit is of high quality, which is why they are successfully exporting it across the world.

7. Turkey
Production: 41,635 tonnes

Although kiwi fruit was not brought to Turkey that long ago (in 1988), this country has already found its place on this list of countries that produce the most kiwi fruit in the world. Turkey has land that is great for kiwi fruit cultivation, and they are, obviously, using it right.

6. France
Production: 55,999 tonnes

5. Greece
Production: 162,800 tonnes

Greece has a fantastic and professional kiwi fruit industry, and the country is working hard each year to increase its production.

4. Chile
Production: 255,758 tonnes

The kiwi fruit industry here is experiencing growth, year after year.

3. New Zealand
Production: 382, 337 tonnes

Of course, the land of the Kiwis must be on this list, it would be a shame not to see it, after all, this country is responsible for this fruit’s name and popularity.

2. Italy
Production: 447,560 tonnes

Italy is definitely the biggest kiwi fruit producer in Europe, and the second biggest in the world.

1. China
Production: 1,765,847 tonnes

And, finally, the country that produces the most kiwi fruit in the world is its native country – China. Its production is so big that all the other countries on this list together can only reach its numbers. Well, considering the size of China and the number of people it has, these numbers shouldn’t be that shocking.

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