Mar 222016


The website TripAdvisor, a travel planning and booking site, announced the winners of its Travelers’ Choice awards for destinations and Austin was among the top.

The list recognized travelers’ favorite places in the United States and around the world.

The full list:

1. New York City, NY 14. Boston, MA
2. Las Vegas, NV 15. Sedona, AZ

3. Orlando, FL 16. Seattle, WA

4. Chicago, IL 17. Savannah, GA

5. San Francisco, CA 18. Branson, MO

6. San Diego, CA 19. Nashville, TN

7. Honolulu, HI 20. St. Louis, MO

8. Washington, D.C. 21. Myrtle Beach, SC

9. Charleston, SC 22. Lahaina, HI

10. New Orleans, LA 23. Fort Lauderdale, FL

11. Miami Beach, FL 24. Austin, TX

12. Palm Springs, CA 25. Augustine, FL

13. Los Angeles, CA

Contributed By Sonia Narula

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