Mar 152016

Fastest Growing Cities

These are the world’s 20 fastest growing cities (in terms of population) with at least five million residents, according to the United Nations.

20. Chongqing, China
Population: 7.22m
Annual growth: +3.08%

“There’s something Manhattan-esque about the largest city in western China and one of the country’s most important inland ports,” says James Ellis. “Part of Chongqing sits on a large peninsula on a bend in the Yangtze River and with its mass of skyscrapers you could easily think you’re looking at the Financial District surrounded by the Hudson and East rivers. On land, of course, where you can learn about the Tang Dynasty, which ruled from the city and meet pandas in its zoo, it’s a different story.”

19. Tianjin, China
Population: 10.92m
Annual growth +3.09%

18. Hyderabad, India
Population: 8.75m
Annual growth: +3.10%

17. Shanghai, China
Population: 23.42m
Annual growth: 3.11%

16. Ahmedabad, India
Population: 7.19m
Annual growth: +3.13%

15. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Population: 5.67m
Annual growth: 3.16%

14. Karachi, Pakistan
Population: 22.12m
Annual growth: +3.17%

13. Nanjing, China
Population: 6.15m
Annual growth: +3.24%

12. Chengdu, China
Population: 10.38m
Annual growth: +3.47%

11. Dhaka, Bangladesh
Population: 15.67m
Annual growth: 3.6%

10. Bangalore, India
Population: 9.81m
Annual growth: 3.64%

9. Quanzhou, China
Population: 6.71m
Annual growth: +3.68%

8. Hangzhou, China
Population: 7.28m
Annual growth: +4.10%

7. Beijing, China
Population: 21.1m
Annual growth: +4.1%

6. Lagos, Nigeria

Population: 13.12m

Annual growth: +4.14%

5. Kinshasa, Congo (Dem. Rep.)
Population: 11.58m
Annual growth: +4.17%

4. Luanda, Angola
Population: 5.9m
Annual growth: +4.25%

3. Surat, India
Population: 5.44m
Annual growth: +4.4%

2. Guangzhou, China
Population: 20.6m
Annual growth: +4.66%

1. Suzhou, China
Population: 5.25m
Annual growth: 5.57%

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