Feb 242016

Utility Apps

According to a recent survey, there are more iPhones sold than babies born in the world every day. Shocked? Now let’s talk about India, where there are about 160 million smartphone users and more than 3 million apps are available across various mobile platforms.

From giving out details about train status, apps give financial advice, count your calories and find India-related codes. You name a problem and you have an app ready to solve it. Among all apps, we have selected five utility apps that can make your life easier.

* Jugnoo: It is an on-demand auto rickshaw app, which connects passengers from one point to another within a city. It offers one of the largest networks of autos with over 5,000 autos currently empanelled. Its target is students, working professionals and people dependent on public transport for their daily commute.

*Smart Spends: It makes your life easier with an automated process by reading the transaction SMSes you receive from banks or retailers. It can also decipher bill notifications and create due date reminders, so you don’t face late payment charges.

*Urban Clap: It is one of the India’s largest mobile services marketplaces and provides services across over 80 categories including photographers, salon at home, home cleaning and repairs, and yoga apart from gym or guitar instructors.

* HealthifyMe: It allows users to track their food, exercise and weight, easily via their smartphones while continuously analyzing the user’s data and provide powerful insights that ensure that users stay within their calorie or nutrition budgets.

* Goibibo: It is one of India’s leading online travel aggregators and enables users to buy bur or air tickets, book holidays and car rentals. It is the largest online hotels booking engine in India. It is also one of the best mobile apps under travel category.

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