Feb 152016

South India

If you are someone who loves unspoiled serene beaches, panoramic scenes, captivating natural surroundings, ravishing temples, ancient monuments, art, culture, food and hospitality, then southern India is a must-visit part of India for you, . Here are some of the best tourism spots of south India that must feature in your itinerary.

1. Kanyakumari
The point of confluence of three oceans and the bottom-most tip of India, Kanyakumari is a place of supreme importance on India’s tourism map. If you wish to experience sunrise and sunset both at the same beach, go to Kanyakumari!

2. Coorg
Known as one of the best hill stations of India, the thing that sets Coorg apart is that it’s not like all the other hill stations. Everything about Coorg is unique and mesmerising. The food, the people, the year-round waterfalls, the wildlife, the coffee plantations, elephant training camps, historical buildings, simply everything!!

3. Pondicherry
There is absolutely no reason for not including Pondicherry on your list. An ambience completely different from the rest of the country, Pondicherry has churches, temples, beaches and buildings with French architecture from the colonial era.

4. Kumarakom
Literally a paradise for travelers, the backwater cruises in the city lying on the banks of Vembnad are to die for! Spend a night in a boathouse on the most serene and popular lake. It will reinvigorate you.

5. Gokarna
If you are looking to spend some time doing absolutely nothing except relaxing and lying idle on a beach, then the unexplored beaches of Gokarna are the perfect destination for you.

6. Alleppey
Offering thrilling views of nature, Alleppey, also known as Alappuzha, is aptly called the Venice of the East. The most stunning of all the vacation spots, the city is full of quaint beaches, amazing backwater cruises, lagoons, canals, tall coconut palms and myriad cashew plantations.

7. Hampi
A mysterious city in Karnataka, Hampi has around 400 historical monuments that are now mostly in ruins. Hampi is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. An ideal place to spend a relaxed vacation. Make sure to visit Virupaksha Temple when you are in Hampi.

8. Ooty
Being in Ooty is like being in a paradise. The charm of this captivating hill station will never fail to gratify your soul, no matter how many times you go. Enjoy trekking and angling expeditions and don’t forget the tea plantations!

9. Kovalam
The perfect place for those who love lazy mornings, Kovalam is best known for its three crescent shaped beaches. Kovalam is equally known for the many ayurvedic health resorts one can find here.

10. Yercaud
Yercaiud is better known as Salem’s Ooty or the poor man’s Ooty. While the description might sound not very alluring, the hill station definitely is. A place full of nature’s delights, it has several attractions for travelers which include waterfalls, remains of colonial era buildings, lots of caves, coffee plantations, a zoo, silk farms and a lot more.

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