Feb 102016

Inglorious Things About India

We are, and rightly so, proud of our country. But pride in the country mustn’t be confused with a blind loyalty which can’t take any criticism or refuses to accept that we have problems that need to be addressed ASAP. There are groups of people who will remind us of how India was great under blah-de-blah’s rule and if we just stop progressing, we’d be great again. No, we won’t. Those were different times; these are different ones. What flew then will sink now. These current problems require current solutions, ones that must come from discerning members of the public.

1. This Ugandan woman was stripped and brutally beaten by a mob in Assam. No further information of the case was made available to the public.

2. Having realized how easy it is to divide people on the basis on religion, region, caste and more, Indian politicians and religious leaders have been using the ‘divide and rule’ scheme for decades.

3. Constable Ravindra Patil lost his job, his family and ultimately his life, once he spoke up against Salman Khan in his infamous 2002 hit-and-run case.

4. Every year, more and more foreign cars are imported to India at a high cost. We spend thousands on overpriced foreign luxury brands and bargain endlessly in market like Sarojini Nagar Market, Delhi where the clothes are already cheap.

5. Despite many people speaking up against Article 377, homosexuality is still a crime in India. Members of the LGBT community have to face a lot of discrimination in their everyday lives. And then there are some who say there is no intolerance in India.

6. This Bangladeshi refugee was accused of rape in Dimapur, Nagaland. A local mob dragged him out of a police station, beat him brutally and killed him. Was this man killed for being a rapist or being Bangladeshi?

7. A mob of orthodox Hindus killed 52-year-old Mohammad Akhlaq Saifi in Dadri, UP because they suspected him of having beef in his fridge. The entire family was attacked and his 22-year-old son suffered serious injuries. Later analysis of the meat proved that it was mutton, not beef.

8. A Tanzanian girl was stripped and beaten after a Sudanese man caused a fatal accident. The girl did not even know the man, they just had the same skin color. The mob also torched her car. A man who tried to offer her a t-shirt was also beaten.

9. Not only is child labor common in India, various surveys have shown that many child laborers work in hazardous industries, which is supposedly illegal.

10. We have politicians who discuss domestic issues on international stages; however, when a strong statement needs to be made about domestic issues on Indian soil, they are too busy or only give statements when time has passed.

11. The way many Indians treat Black people is seriously shameful. We’ve seen high profile cases of Black people being accused of being drug smugglers or prostitutes without one ounce of proof to back it up. Yet we’re very sensitive about any statement made about India.

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