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Must-Visit’ Cities

The ranking is done on the basis of international tourist arrivals in 2014. Do you know the cities which are most visited by travelers around the globe? If not, here is our list of top 20 ‘must-visit’ cities.

1. Hong Kong

Hong Kong tops the countdown. The Peak, Hong Kong Disneyland, Ocean Park, Ladies’ Market, Clock Tower, Golden Bauhinia Square, Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade, Lan Kwai Fong, Wong Tai Sin Temple are just some of the attractions the city has to offer. According to the research the city had attracted 27.8 million international visitors in 2014.

2. London

Next city topping the list is London. With its creativity, history, culture, and culinary gems, it is one of the must-visit tourist destinations of the world. However, the research conducted by Euromonitor shows that it has been out shined by Hong Kong; London’s expensive reputation is one of the causes of its decreasing popularity. Nevertheless, 17.38 million visitors still visited the city in 2014.

3. Singapore

Singapore, according to the same research was visited by 17.1 million international visitors. Singapore’s vibrant history and diverse ethnic quarters attract people to the city. It comes third in our list of destination.

4. Bangkok

Bangkok is the 4th most popular destination. The city’s diversity and interesting sights and visual delights makes it popular among visitors. It was visited by 16.2 million visitors in 2014.

5. Paris

Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and Notre-Dame Cathedral are some of the main attractions of the city and 14.97 million visitors visited the city in 2014.

6. Macau

Macau attracts its visitors with its infectious energy. It is the gaming destination as well as offers an array of shows, nightlife and entertainment. The city attracted 14.96 visitors.

7. Shenzhen, China

Although the city lacks historical and natural beauty, Shenzhen compensated it with theme parks, man-made scenic beauties and shopping centres. It attracted 13.1 million international visitors.

8. New York

New York has the world’s some of the most popular landmarks and attractions. Times Square, Central Park and Empire State Building are just some of the irresistible places to visit in the city. It attracted 12.2 million international visitors.

9. Istanbul

In 2014, 11.9 million international visitors visited the city. Its historic areas, Basilica Cistern, Hagia Sophia Museum are some of its attractions.

10. Kuala Lumpur

11.6 million international visitors visited the city. The city’s iconic attractions make it one of the most popular tourist destination.

The rest of the list includes: Antalaya Turkey (11.5m), Dubai (11.4m), Seoul (9.4m), Rome (8.8m), Taipei (8.6m), Guangzhou (8.2m), Phuket (8.1m), Miami (7.3m), Pattaya (6.4m), and Shanghai (6.39m). These places are declared as cities most visited by international visitors. It has been noticed that Asia dominated the list. Thailand has three different cities considered as most popular tourist destinations in the world.

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