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Iconic Cafes

Cafe’s are the place where one can indulge themselves into a world of their own with friends away from the blues. Be it hanging out with a regular friend or reuniting with a long lost one, cafes are perfect places for any kind of meeting and get-togethers.

Travelers love to soak in the flavors of new destinations and love to experience the new essence. However, things get even more special and nostalgic at cafes that have been proudly serving for more than a decade now. A lot of such iconic cafés are strewn across India.

Keventer’s, Darjeeling:

This place perfectly fits the bill of being an iconic café in the true sense. Travelers just cannot miss out visiting here if they are in Darjeeling. The experience of sipping tea or coffee here is purely exceptional. Out of the lots of things people can do here, adoring the mountains, reading books and digging in great food are the best of all. The majestic view of the Kanchendzonga can make anyone fall in love with it.

Leopold’s Café, Mumbai:

This is one of the most clichéd places for travelers to be at in Mumbai. However, people still prefer this place over any other new café. The terrorist attack in 2008 here made the place more popular instead. The place has an authentic charm of the bygone era. This place makes one of the most popular choices in the city for the diverse food and beverages it serves for every palate.

Indian Coffee House, Kolkata:

Indian Coffee House was established in the pre-independence era under the British. When talking about Kolkata and its people nothing looks more appealing to them than their “Adda” with the mandatory cup of coffee or tea. This claustrophobic building in the city of joy envelopes the perfect ambiance for such Addas. The place stands in all its glory and served some of the greatest intellects from the city over the years.

SAMCO, Chennai:

SAMCO presents the best of Hyderabadi cuisine under one roof. People not just across the city come here to beat the blues of their daily lives and dig in great food and coffee. From the authentic Hyderbadi Biryani to flavorsome Chettinad Chicken and parathas, this place keeps the visitors bringing back here for more.

Flurys, Kolkata:

Given the quality of food here, no wonder, this places is one of the most adored restaurants in the city. This café today owns a cult status in the city for having served to its customers for years now. The place share the history of Kolkata and now forms an integral part of every heart in the city. One just cannot miss out the breakfast here that takes you back to the colonial culture.

Cafe Goodluck, Pune:

Despite the number of Irani cafes has fallen across India, this one stands proud to take you back to the memory lane. The place serves authentic Iranian meal and has no dearth of visitors. The Bun Maska and the Irani Chai are the most popular picks from their menu. So rewind into the 90’s and dig in their signature preparations.

Cafe 1947, Manali:

If you are a music lover then this is the place you should definitely visit. Interestingly, the place has crafted the names of the dishes on its menu after famous metal bands. Perfectly nestled near the river Manaslu, this place offers a nostalgic yet comforting ambiance to its visitors. Mutton Burger is a must try here.

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