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Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) - India

The world today is facing serious threats from the terrorists from around the world. Thus the world is now united to counter terrorism, for which the spy agencies of the respective countries play a major role.

As said, all most all the countries around the world have their own official agencies for espionage activities and some among them play a crucial role safeguarding the in-house peace and tracking outdoor terrorism. As a result, here goes the list of top 9 spy agencies in the world, as reported by the Top10Wala.

The Institute for Intelligence and Special Operation (MOSSAD) – Israel

The Israel and Palestine conflict has been plaguing the world peace since the formation of the Israel; both countries have maintained differences about the border issue, which has been a soul reason behind the dispute in the region. Hence, the Institute for Intelligence and Special Operation (MOSSAD) was founded in 1949 and the agency will directly report the prime minister of the country.

Federal Security Services (FSB) – Russia:

Federal Security Services (FSB) is the prime spy institution of Russia, the agency was founded in 1995 and as of now it has emerged as one among the intellectual spy agencies in the world. FSB’s agents are serving from all over the world and the firm has a good record of providing accurate information.

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) – United States:

The role of U.S. in the international politics is a key one, the same goes with intelligence agency CIA. The CIA does not only work for the U.S. but also alarms other countries on the terror threats. The agency enjoys the most advanced technical infrastructure in the world, through which it tracked down the most wanted terrorist Osama Bin Laden.

Secret Intelligence Service (MI6):

Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) is a British intelligence agency that was formed during the World War II in order the foil the strategies of Nazi Army and its allies. But in the contemporary era, since the United Kingdom has been hit by several terror attacks, the MI6 is actively operating all over the world to gather information on further steps of the terrorists.

Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) – India:

Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) the Indian external intelligence agency that is responsible for conducting espionage operations on the foreign lands. The agency was formed in 1968 to ease pressure on Intelligence Bureau. Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) mostly concentrates on activates of the neighboring country like Pakistan and China.

Federal Intelligence Service:

Federal Intelligence Service is the German intelligence agency that was formed in 1956. The agency is one among the top intelligence agencies in the world that has a strong information gathering network system through the Europe and around the world. The department directly reports to the office of the Chancellor of the country.

Ministry of State Security (MSS):

Ministry of State Security (MSS) is the Chinese intelligence agency that has been working to enhance the country’s influence in the Asia continent. The respective agency is known for performing the most secret tasks throughout its border with some advanced equipments.

Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS), Australia:

Australian Secret Intelligence Service is one among the oldest in world, since it was founded in 1950s. Though the country has remained peaceful throughout the history, the recent terrorist attacks in the country has sent turmoil to the security agencies of Australia, hence, the ASIS has been much active than ever before.

Directorate-General for External Security:

Directorate-General for External Security is an external security agency of the France and is one among the toughest secret service agencies of the world. But due to recent Paris attack the credibility of the agency now being mulled by the government, however it has been mostly successful prevent the severely planned attack on the country.

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