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smartphones of the Year 2015

As 2015 comes to an end, we look at the top smartphones that made an impact this year. From top-end devices that cost more than Rs 40,000 to the entry-level phones that start at Rs 5000 and more, we’ve got the entire list covered. We also look at new smartphones brands, devices that stood out during the course of the year.

Apple iPhone 6s Plus: This is the most dependable smartphone you can buy. Of course, there is a premium to be paid, but that also gives you access to the best App store, a great battery and a spectacular camera with image stabilisation. And, yes, the 3D touch is just an added feature.
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Samsung Galaxy Note 5: The Note continues to be the most productive of all Android smartphones thanks to its amazing stylus. In its latest avatar, the phone is slimmer and has a smaller battery, but that should not affect you. Performance is second to none, and the camera can be stunning when it needs to.

Nexus 6P: Nexus 6P is pure Android experience with a touch of class and the best hardware. The Huawei Nexus 6P’s camera is outstanding, probably one of the best for low-light; it has a great battery life, and comes with the latest Android M experience.

Nexus 5X: Undoubtedly, the new LG Google Nexus 5X is a pure Android beast with an equally disappointing launch price. So, to recreate the original Nexus 5 magic, LG simply lowered the price to under Rs 25,000. Thus, making it one of the best possible deals.

Qiku Q Terra: A relatively new entrant, this phone is the OnePlus One of 2015. It stands out for its clean UI, high-end performance, unique dual camera and the ability to conserve battery life. The phone also offers a stylish metallic body.

Moto X Play: Motorola Moto X Play is a great deal for someone looking to buy an Android Lollipop smartphone with 5.5-inch display under Rs 20,000. The device is delightfully smooth with good battery life. The Moto X Play has enough to suffice the appetite of those who drool over spec sheets without drilling a hole in their pockets.

Moto G Turbo: The revamped version of the Moto G3, this one is water and dust resistant with faster charging capabilities. It’s also got a faster Snapdragon 615 processor and in terms of performance won’t give you any trouble. When it comes to budget phones under Rs 15,000 price mark, the Moto G Turbo still sets the standard on what a device should offer.

OnePlus X: The OnePlus X comes across as a good mid-range phone with a design and build quality rarely seen in this price point. The phone does not really offer anything unprecedented, but ticks all the boxes and thus makes it to this list.

Lenovo K3 Note: A huge 5.5-inch full HD display, enough processing power to play Asphalt 8: Airborne, great camera makes Lenovo K3 Note perfect for most uses. Lenovo’s forked Android is pretty good too with far less bloatware.

Redmi 2 Prime: Xiaomi’s first made in India smartphone has enough prowess to rule the low-cost smartphone market and it surely does. The Redmi 2 Prime is exactly same when compared to the Redmi 2, except that it comes with twice the RAM and storage space. It definitely has to be among the top contenders in the entry level.

Coolpad Dazen 1: Another Chinese smartphone brand with “Make in India” ambitions, this smartphone surprised us with its performance. The Coolpad Dazen 1 is a complete package of greatness for the price.
Honourable Mentions

YU phones: Micromax’s Rahul Sharma launched a new brand last year called YU Televentures and it has managed to carve out a niche for itself. Budget phones like Yuphoria, Yunique impressed users and YU became the highest online-selling brand for 2015, beating even Xiaomi. Yu recently stepped into the flagship category with its Yutopia smartphone, and also launched a slew of services called Around YU for its phones. There’s no doubt that in 2016, we’ll be hearing a lot more from YU.

Meizu M5: Meizu’s entry into India might not have made as much news as some of the other Chinese players, but it is hard to overlook the fact that this company has some truly good phones to offer. The M5 for instance, is one of the best performing Android phones you can buy, and is a delight for gamers and those who like to push their devices in every possible way.

Xiaomi Mi4i: With the India exclusive Mi 4i, Xiaomi took the budget smartphone market competition to the next level. This year, the Mi 4i easily managed to place itself in the minds of buyers. Overall, it is well-armed to cater to the daily needs of most users and offers great value for money.

InFocus: US based InFocus Mobiles has been pushing very hard in the Indian market by offering a slew of smartphones in the mid-budget range from M810, M812, M530. The highlight of the InFocus phones has been the camera, 4G capabilities and stylish design for some of the newer models. In a highly competitive market like India, InFocus has managed to make itself heard with constant releases.

Vivo: In 2015, Vivo has been about smartphones with great build quality and excellent camera, but the devices have been priced extremely high. Now that Vivo has its own manufacturing plant in Greater Noida, it could bring the cost down and offer even more to users. Vivo also plans to bring some Indian content to its Android UI, which could be a great value addition for many users. With a strong foothold in South India already, 2016 could be the year when more Indians choose Vivo as their primary smartphone.

Honor 4X: Huawei’s most popular handset in India, the Honor 4X packed a great camera. Overall, it easily stood apart from its competitors with its design, performance, battery life and of course, camera.

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