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New Year 2016 Resolutions

Come New Year and we make a list of resolutions that will NEVER be followed. Every year we make new rules and guidelines for ourselves only to be trashed by end of the second week of the first month. Although we want time to reflect changes in our life, we break all the resolutions and follow our instant moods. But it is high time we follow few things that will gradually prove helpful future. In fact, psychologists have found we are more likely to succeed if we break our resolution into smaller goals and that can give you instant results. So, listed out here are New Year resolutions that if followed will give great results.

Be there for your family

Your loved ones will really appreciate it if you spend more time with family and friends this year. Ensure that you are there for the people who raised you. And at the end of the year you will have less regrets.

Stop judging

Study says that people make all sorts of assumptions in the first meeting itself. Don’t you think we should breathe easy and let the other person settle down. The other person could be a completely different person from your cloud of imagination. So, this year let us all understand a person instead of judging them.

Regular exercise has been associated with more health benefits, so if you want to remain fit for the rest of your lives with lesser number of diseases, hit the gym. And if you promise yourselves to follow the schedule religiously, then you will have the body you dreamt of. But, not if those curves are great!

Stop littering

Yes, please! We Indians need to pledge to stop throwing everything out of the window. Let us all take a small pledge together and ensure we don’t let things flying out everywhere. We may have a less dirty roads and railway and tracks by the end of the year.

Save money=more money
That has always been the theory. And the best way to follow is by cutting down our unwanted expenses. But then everything is important, then how do we cut them down? Make a list before you go out shopping and ensure you do not shop anything out of the list.

Take short trips if vacations are costly

No matter how interesting is your office, everyday work can become monotonous. So to unwind yourself, go on short breaks for a day or two to natural arenas. In 2016, plan such short every month and you will not exhausted like before.

Help somebody in need

We can gift ourselves anytime in life, but gifting someone in need would be appreciated. Also being a Good Samaritan for the poor will give us a sense of satisfaction of making use of our money in the right way.

Be happy

The Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius once said, “Very little is needed to make a happy life.” Mark his words in 2016 and you will be happy for the rest of your years. Be happy for all the little things that come across.
Stop following so-called role models

Making actors your role models and trying to fit into their shoes could not be the perfect idea of a role model. It could be anyone, any human being who has a better understanding about life and choices to be made.

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