Dec 252015

Controversies In India  2015

2015 has been a year of controversies in India. Controversies over several different issues which have been in debate since long may be over religious issues, political ones or some other sort of issues.

Meat Ban – One of the most debated issues of this year was that of meat ban when the government issued a ban over meat during Jain fasting period of ‘Paryushan Parva’ first in Mumbai and then in other parts of the country as well. It attracted rage of many since it exploited the rights of the non-vegetarian population of the country. Also the government was questioned over restricting this ban to the roadside meat shops, leaving the big names like McDonalds and KFCs untouched. It was equivalent to taking away the living of the poor meat shop’s men for days.
Before this the government also banned Jain’s right to ‘Santhara’ which is an age old custom of leaving food and water and wait for gaining the final peace. Government compared their custom with a positive idea behind as ‘suicide’ and received nationwide protests from the Jain community.

Maggie Ban – Even the ban on Nestle’s Maggie noodles disheartened many and it was doubtful whether Maggie actually had issues over the food quality measures or was it some inside rivalry that led to the whole thing. Also, the government was questioned by citizens for banning these most loved noodles in place of banning alcohol and cigarettes. Several took to the social media platforms to express themselves. It should not have been the Maggie packets that were burnt but it should be stuff like cigarettes that should have been burnt.

Beef Ban – The controversy over the meat issue continued with the news from Dadri where an Air Force personnel’s father was brutally murdered for eating beef. Famed as the Dadri beef lynching riot put a question on whether some humanity still lives in the heart of people. How could they have dragged a 50year old sleeping man from his bed to the street and beat him to death with bricks? ‘Meat ban’, which was driven by religious reasons but was fuelled by political issues, remained a matter of great controversy in India for months.

Burnt Alive – This wasn’t enough for the year to end. Then came another controversial news which said reported the death of two innocent kids who were burnt alive in a village called Sunpedh near Faridabad, India for revenge. The kids aged 2 years and 9 months belonged to the Dalit community and were said to be burnt alive in their own house for revenge over a yearlong confrontation that their family had with Rajputs. A rivalry that had been on since almost 3 decades led to such a huge massacre, burning the kids to death, leaving their mother in a critical situation and the father with treatable burn injuries.
There has been more of such controversial news which questioned the Indian culture we keep flaunting about along with questioning if something called humanity still exists.

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