Dec 162015

Must Visit Destinations

Come December and you can feel that festive air around you. With chilly winter giving you jitters, quite literally, we also look forward to celebrating one of the most loved festivals in the country—Christmas. The kids love to go out, shop and even dress like their favourite Santa Claus. Today, we list out top 5 destinations in India, where you can pack your stuff and head straight to:


Well, who on earth would not want to go to Goa around Christmas and New Year’s eve. You have to be there to experience the bliss. Goa is home to many churches, remember the famous church which has been seen in many Bollywood flicks. Yes, you can pray at ‘Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church’ located in Panjim city. The whole city looks immersed in the festivity and you can take your family to the beaches and shout ‘Merry Christmas’!


The financial capital of the country sees people flocking to Mount Mary church during Christmas and New Year’s. The city which never sleeps believes in the motto, especially during the festivals. You can shop and roam in the brightly lit-up markets with your family.


Kolkata is known for its celebratory mood during the festival of Christmas. Park Street is the place to be if you chance to be in the city during this time around. It is beautifully decorated and you can even try out on different delicacies while checking out stuff on streets.

New Delhi

The capital knows how to welcome each and every festival. Similarly, you will find many dressed as Santa Claus in the street markets and malls, so don’t be surprised if you find ‘ho-ho, ha-ha’ reverberating right next to you. You can head for the Midnight Mass at Sacred Heart Cathedral in the city and see how beautifully it has been decorated with everyine dressed up to their best.


The place has many beautiful churches and sees Christmas preparations in full swing. The city streets are brightly lit-up and you can enjoy walking along with your loved one hand-in-hand. The food too is available at reduced prices and special Christmas discounts. Spend quality time at backwaters and pray to the divinity experiencing sheer bliss.

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