Dec 142015

road trip

Journeys mean so much more than the destination. Road trips are a living example. The joy and exhilaration of travelling to explore new destinations forms the essence of a road trip.’

A road trip teaches you that life should be measured not in miles but in smiles. For a country as unique as India, one would be spoilt for choices when it comes to options for a road-trip.

BI India presents you top 5 picks for the most enthralling road trips that’ll gift you priceless moments of fun and adventure.

Manali – Leh

Distance: 475 kms
Best Time: June – September

Imagine driving through beautiful snow clad mountains and valleys with peace. This trip would offer you some of the most mesmerizing locations in the planet. This one packs in the rush of driving through tough terrains with the quaint beauty of the Himalayas.

Mumbai – Goa

Distance: 601 kms
Best Time: October- March

This one can be anything – an adventurous trip with friends or a romantic weekend drive with your partner. Goa is an awesome place to party, and the road that leads to it is equally fun. If you have a backseat as spacious as the Maruti Ertiga, let your friends stretch out as you ramp up the music, take your hand off the gear knob (thanks to the automatic transmission), and let the engine revv. National Highway 17 runs parallel to the west coast of the country and will enthrall you with it’s scenic beauty.

Bengaluru – Coorg

Distance: 250 kms
Best Time: October- June

This is one of the most interesting trips ever as it offers so much diversity. You cross city roads, off roads and hills as you make your way to Coorg. You can always stop by Mysore and Kabini Forest Reserve. Once you reach Coorg, it’s forest, Tea, Coffee and Spices.

Don’t break a sweat over fuel costs with cost-efficient cars like the Maruti Ertiga as you indulge in a refreshing long weekend.
Image credit: TeamBHP

Guwahati – Tawang

Distance: 521 kms
Best Time: March- October

The North-East is a bounty of untouched wilderness. This one lets you meander your way through blissful monasteries, pristine waterfalls and breathtaking valleys. You will be stunned at the divinity you experience as you connect with nature.

Delhi – Ranthambore

Distance: 396 kms
Best Time: October- June

This 7-8 hours drive from the capital city would land you amidst India’s national animals!

National Highway 8 is only one of the ways to get there. You can stop by Jaipur or at the Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary as you gear up to the whacky wildlife adventure among Tigers. Great if you have Push button start on your car.

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