Nov 212015

Cases Of Rape

Rapes have become a menace and every day we hear about at least one such incident. But that is not to say that only one happens every day. Women safety has been one of the biggest issues in our country for a long period of time now but no matter who is in power, there seems to be no initiative from their side to make things better.

There have been so many cases and so many protests but the situation hasn’t changed much. Recently a list of countries was released which gave us the top countries with most number of rapes. Apparently, India with so many rape cases does not feature in the list! There is nothing to be proud of here but it is a hope that maybe one day India can become a rape free country.

We take a look at all the countries that have been mentioned in the list.


A country located in the Caribbean, Grenada is an island country. Grenada has the 10th highest rate of rape crime in the world. The nation has a rape crime rate of 30.6 per 100,000 people. The maximum punishment for a rape convict is 15 years in prison. Although this has helped reduce the number of rapes but even then it features in the list.


Dubbed as the safest country in the Central America by the UN, Nicaragua is probably not very safe for women. The UN has marked it as the safest country in terms of homicide but the percentage of rape cases is 31.6 per 100,000 people which is higher than Grenada.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has attained one of the highest ranks in the list of countries with higher human development. What it has also managed to achieve is a place on this list of high rape crimes. The rape crime rate in Costa Rica is 36.7 victims per 100,000 people.


Another Caribbean island, Suriname is situated on the northeastern Atlantic coast of South America. There is a very high crime rate in the country and the rate of rape crimes being high is no surprise. With a crime rate of 45.2 victims per 100,000 people speaks volumes about the state of the country.


Swaziland has been facing an increase in the rape of girls under the age of 18. A rape crime rate of 77.5 per 100,000 people means that 1 in every 3 girls in the country has experienced rape. The condition is so bad in the country that more than half of the cases in the Swaziland courts.


With a rape crime rate of 82.7 per 100,000, Lesotho is third on the list. One of the poorest countries in the world, the crime rate in Lesotho is very high and about 40% of the total population lives below poverty line.


Another African country makes the list. Botswana is situated in the Southern part of Africa. It is one of the most unsafe countries in the world for women with a crime rate of 92.7 per 100,000 people against women.

South Africa

The most unsafe country in the world for women, South Africa has a rape crime rate of 134.2 per 100,000 people in the country. Although South Africa is one of the most developed countries in Africa, it still has the highest rate of crimes against women in the continent.

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