May 252015

Hero Splendor Pro Classic - 93.21kmpl

One of most integral aspect for buying a motorcycle is India is the fuel efficiency, especially when we talk about the commuter bikes segment. For an average Indian buyer the mileage plays a very crucial part is the decision making process and country’s leading two-wheeler manufactures understands this pretty well. Moreover to distinguish themselves from the competitors bike makers have also started manufacturing more stylish and modern entry level bikes. Here we have compiled 10 of the most fuel efficient motorcycles in India that are not just easy on your pockets but pleasing to your eyes too.

Hero Splendor iSmart – 102.5 kmpl:

Hero MotoCorp truly created a game changer with the Splandor iSmart. Equipped with the i3S technology, the Splendor iSmart undisputedly rules the segment with staggering mileage returns of 102.5 Kmpl. Moreover its sharp design features and bright dual tone colour options really give it a premium look. The Hero Splondor iSmart in priced in India at INR 49,698(Ex-Showroom Price)

Bajaj Platina ES – 96.9 kmpl:

Bajaj has always been head to head with Hero MotoCorp and competition continues here too. Launched earlier this year the new Bajaj Platina ES ranks at the second spot with a mileage of 96.9 kmpl. Additionally thanks to the new vibrant colour options and sticking graphics the Platina ES has started adding some considerable numbers to Bajaj’s monthly volume. The new Platina ES is priced in India at INR 39,751 (ex-showroom Price).

Hero Splendor Pro – 93.21kmpl:

An integral part of Hero’s Splendor series the Splendor Pro is apparently the only bike that still carries the same design cues of the original splendour. And with a mileage of 93.21 kmpl, it currently stands at the third most fuel efficient bike in India. The bike still gives us the reminiscence of the old Splonder with its colour patters which has been slightly altered to suit modern taste. The Hero Splendor PRO is priced at INR 46, 280 (ex-showroom Price).

Hero Splendor Pro Classic – 93.21kmpl:

The Splendor Pro Classic underpins the same mechanical offerings of the Splendro Pro but with the addition of the classic Café Racer style design. Quoted as the most affordable Café Racer the Splendor Pro Classic has been largely inspired by the Royal Enfield Continental GT, which has earned it quite a bit of prise as well as criticism. This eatry level Café Racer from Hero MotoCorp is priced at INR 50, 833 (ex-showroom Price) in India.

Bajaj Discover 100 – 90.30kmpl:

The Bajaj Discover has been the bike maker’s one of the most popular bikes in India. Initially available only in the 125cc guise, now the Bajaj Discover also comes paired to a small and more fuel-efficient 100 cc engine. The Discover 100 manages to place itself in 5th spot with an attractive mileage of 90.30 kmpl and is priced at INR 42,859 (ex-showroom Price).

Bajaj CT 100 – 89.5kmpl:

The Bajaj CT 100 is built on the similar double cradle frame that also underpins the Platina. Quoted as the cheapest bike in India, the CT 100 comes with a fuel efficiency 89.5kmpl and with a price tag of INR 35,034 (ex-showroom Price).

Hero HF Dawn – 88.56kmpl:

Hero Moto Corp’s HF motorcycles are the successor to its popular CD series. The HF Dawn that replaced the CD Dawn has earned the title of being the most affordable Hero motorcycle priced at INR39,746 (ex-showroom Price). Additionally it also holds the reputation for being very reliable and tough, while offering a mileage of 88.56 kmpl.

Hero HF Deluxe – 88.56kmpl:

The HF Deluxe that replaces the CD Deluxe is essentially the Dawn with a bikini fairing. As it shares the same engine and design as the HF Dawn the fuel efficiency too remains the same at 88.56 kmpl. But the additionally design upgrade does come at a premium so the HF Deluxe is priced at INR 42,216 (ex-showroom Price).

Hero HF Deluxe Eco – 88.56kmpl:

The Hero HF Deluxe Eco is no different than the regular Deluxe except for the addition of low rolling resistance tyres. In terms of looks it offers the same design features but comes only in green colour option. The bike has a mileage of 88.56 kmpl like its regular sibling and is priced at INR 46,262 (ex-showroom Price).

TVS Star Sport – Duralife – 87.70kmpl:

In a segment that is rules by Hero and Bajaj, TVS is the only other bike maker to make the list. The TVS Start Sport – Duralife share some of its design language with its older sibling the Star City. The bike rounds off the top 10 fuel efficient bikes in India with a mileage of 87.7 kmpl and comes at a price of INR 39,260 (ex-showroom Price).

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