May 162015

Most Powerful Selfies

Today everyone with a decent mobile phone is a photographer. Professional photography has taking a backseat, and selfies are in trend. The selfie bug bit our Prime Minster a while back.

But of all the selfies that our PM has clicked during his foreign tours, today’s photograph of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang is being termed as the ‘most powerful selfie’ in history. Well, India and China are two of the fastest growing economies and also the two most populous nations in the world.

PM Modi is not the only one fancying selfies though, there are others in the line too. Here’s a list of the free world’s most powerful selfies:

“Hindi-Chini Bhai Bhai”

UK Prime Minister David Cameron, President of Denmark Helle Thorning-Schmidt and US President Barack Obama (Michelle Obama doesn’t approve!)

Prime Minister Modi with his Australian counterpart Tony Abbott

Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Hsien Loong and Malaysian Prime Minster Najib Razak

PM Narendra Modi and Prime Minister of Fiji Frank Bainimarama

But we’ve saved the best for last. Here’s US President Barack Obama and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un sharing a happy moment.

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