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Developed Cities  India

India has seen exponential development since freedom. In the midst of this fathomless development, India is taking as much time as required to surpass different nations in the created world.

Cities in the nation are the center of advancement, research and employments market. These urban areas are really the prime mover for supporting the development of India. These urban areas are hustling against one another to draw speculations, producing riches and adding to the national development by enabling the financial engines of the nation. This undoubtedly has produced a competition amongst the urban communities to exceed one another.

Here we enroll the main 10 urban areas in India exceeding expectations in framework, innovation, communications, training, best employment rates and significantly more.

1. Mumbai
Total GDP- $209 Billion
World GDP Rank- 29

The economical capital of India, Mumbai, is the nerve center of entertainment and show biz. The city is also working assiduously to emerge as the tech pivot of the country after Pune. You would spot the biggest restaurants, malls, and industries in this film city. The city is emerging as one of the best places in the country for both private and professional life. The quality of life, the economic dynamism and the cost of life here sums up to a great city to stay and makes Mumbai the most populous city in the country.

2. New Delhi
Total GDP- $167 Billion
World GDP Rank- 37

The heart of the country, Delhi, is a mixed bag of rich culture. The city is one among the leading cities in the world with rich art, tourism, education, finance, culture, research and development, commerce and healthcare. The fast track growth in the city makes it the ultimate destination for job seekers. The quintessential street food and colorful bazaars here is the soul of the city. Delhi is also the political hub of India.

3. Kolkata
Total GDP- $150 Billion
World GDP Rank- 42

According to Annual Survey of India’s City-Systems 2014, Kolkata is the best city in India to live in. The combo of high quality of life and low cost of living makes Kolkata one of the favorite cities in India. The cultural capital has a rich historical background and urban destinations. The city is still struggling to catch up with the leading city in the country and has undergone much development in the last few years.

4. Bengaluru
Total GDP- $83 Billion
World GDP Rank- 84

Also known as the Silicon City of India, Bengaluru, tops the list when it comes to starting off a career. The city is the most preferred destination for job seekers. Bengaluru is a lovely city with amiable climate, great pubs and restaurants. Life in the IT hub of India is busy and fast rolling as every year thousands of startups are set up here.

5. Hyderabad
Total GDP- $74 Billion
World GDP Rank- N.A.

The city has emerged as one of the tech hubs of the country for the assistance of the state government in the technological sector. The capital of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad, is a prime city and home to affluent pedigreed Indian firms and also the global giants such as Google and Amazon. The pioneered educational institutes, efficient transportation services, and availability of immense talent make Hyderabad one of the advanced cities in India.

6. Chennai
Total GDP- $66 Billion
World GDP Rank- 93

Capital city of Tamil Nadu, Chennai is the largest southern city. Apart from being an active and eventful port of the country, the city is also making a mark in the tech sector. The IIT aspirant city has contributed highly to the number of engineers, entrepreneurs and highly intellectual citizens in the country. The city also attracts brilliant student to its esteem intuitions. The city maintains a low key at the standard of living yet is successful at delivering high-level performance.

7. Ahmedabad
Total GDP- $52 Billion
World GDP Rank- 105

Owing to the large number of cloth mills here, Ahmedabad was also called the Manchester of India. Ahmedabad, the capital of Gujarat, has many tech companies, efficient infrastructure and brilliant communication system. Housing in this city is quite cheap comparatively. Despite a ban on alcohol in the city, it still ranks high on the list.

8. Pune
Total GDP- $48 Billion
World GDP Rank- 108

Although Pune started off a bit slow, the city drove ardently to make it to this list. With thousands of IT companies nestled here, Pune is the next big thing in India after Bangalore. The high end of engineering design and the product management companies of the city have placed it high on this list. Apart from these, the city has favorable climate, high nightlife, and modern infrastructure that make it a favorable destination for job seekers.

9. Surat
Total GDP- $40 Billion
World GDP Rank- 115

The diamond city of India, Surat contributes a GDP of $40 billion. The well developed city is the textile capital of the country. 92 percent of the world’s diamonds are cut and polished in Surat. Diamond studded gold jewelry and real estate are the new emerging businesses in the city. Other than having the highest number of embroidery machines in the country, 40 percent of India’s art silk is manufactured in Surat. The city has a population of more than 4.6 million. Surat’s infrastructure comprise of a computerized water distribution system and drainage system.

10. Visakhapatnam
Total GDP- $26 Billion
World GDP Rank- N.A.

Visakhapatnam, a city appreciated for its natural beauty is home to several state owned heavy industries and steel plants. The city is a hub for iron ore and other minerals which are exported to China and other countries. The city also has various international technologies and banking firms as well.

Apart from accommodating various international information technologies and banking firms, the city is a hub for iron ore and other minerals which are exported to China and other countries. The fishing and real estate industry has seen a tremendous growth. With a population of over 1 million, the city is appreciated for its natural beauty.

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