May 052015

poor lung health

Around 35 per cent of school-going children in India suffer from poor lung health with Delhi topping the chart, reveals a recently released survey report.

According to nation-wide survey report titled Breathe Blue’15, a worrisome 21 per cent of the children surveyed in Delhi have been tagged with ‘Poor’ lung capacity in the Lung Health Screening Test (LHST) conducted on them while another 19 per cent faring as ‘bad’.

Together this segment forms a whopping 40 per cent of the children surveyed. This was followed by Bangalore at 36 per cent (14 per cent ‘Poor’ and 22 per cent ‘Bad’), 35 per cent in Kolkata (9 per cent ‘Poor’ and 26 per cent ‘Bad’) and 27 per cent in Mumbai (13 per cent ‘Poor’ and 14 per cent ‘Bad’).

Contributed By Sonia Narula

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