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most noisiest cities

Noise pollution is the highest form of pollution in the world, at the moment. If all the pollution sources are shortlisted, then the cities will be the cradle of noise pollution. The urbanization has brought in all the industries and allied activities to the cities. It is almost unavoidable to ignore the din and bustle while visiting some of the best cities of the world.

The sounds are mainly generated from the automobiles, trains, vehicles, motorbikes and business activities.

Here are the 5 most noisiest cities of the world, which will not let your ears rest for a while:


With a population of about 13 million people, Mumbai is the fifth most populated city in the world. The noise is generated because of the vehicles, festivals, firecrackers, loudspeakers and rickshaws. As it is the commercial capital of India, a huge number of people come to the city, for the purpose of employment. Some of the major problems experienced in Mumbai include congestion, noise pollution, traffic, water shortage.


Tokyo is the most populous city in the world and the second noisiest city. The city’s noise generates from the construction sites, loudspeakers, commercial activities and household life. Since Tokyo is the learning centre of the country, a lot of scholars reside in this city for the purpose of good accessibility to all the amenities.

It has many tourist spots, but the high influx of people makes it very congested and overcrowded.

New York

New York City is the most populated city of North America and the third noisiest city of the world. The noise is generated mainly from its taxis, construction sites, car alarms, nightclubs and commercial activities. People from across the world stay in New York and it, thus have a mixed culture. It is also one of the most important business and employment centres of the world. Overcrowding, becomes a major problem.


Being the capital of Spain, it is the fourth nosiest city of the world. The noise is a result of the active nightlife, music from loudspeakers and the commercial activities. Many people live in Madrid because it is the commercial and administrative Centre of Spain, hence it is easier to access public services.


It is the largest and noisiest city in Africa and Middle East. Its noise generally comes from commercial activities, construction sites and vehicles. Many people live in Cairo because it is the employment Centre in Egypt and Africa at large. It is also the education Centre of Egypt, thus suitable for scholars.

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