Oct 312014

investor protection

In a big thumbs-up to reforms in laws governing companies and capital market regulations here, India has been ranked 7th for minority investor protection — ahead of developed countries like the US, Japan, France and Germany. New Zealand has topped the list and is followed by Hong Kong, Singapore, UK and Malaysia, as per a sub-ranking released by the World Bank today as part of its annual Doing Business Report.

While Ireland has been ranked at sixth place in terms of ‘protecting minority investors’, India, Canada and Albania have jointly been placed at seventh position. India’s ranking in terms of investor protection stood much lower at 21st position last year.

Major countries ranked below India include France (17th), Korea and Italy (21st), the US (25th), Japan (35th), Germany (51st), Australia (71st) and Switzerland (78th). India is ranked best among the BRICS nations, out of which South Africa is 17th, Brazil 35th and Russia at 100. China is much lower at 132nd place.

Contributed By Sonia Narula

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