Oct 152014

People from various backgrounds (students, housewives, professionals) have praised the quality of Spoken English training after attending a series of WabsTalk courses.

The aim of the courses is to develop and improve the ability, confidence and talent among the students to learn new academic and business skills. The new found skills will help the students improve communication between themselves and people they may meet who are already established in this English era.

Feedback from those who attended were very positive, with most commenting on how much they enjoyed the various sessions ( P.D. sessions, Interview sessions, Vocabulary sessions, G.D., Debates, Extempore) and how they felt it would benefit them in future. Feedback from delegates included: “The sessions are easy to understand. It was fun to be here and learn using new and different techniques.”

WabsTalk has provided opportunities to students to increase their employability and therefore, enhance their CV too.
The students who attended the courses have given the positive feedback.

For more information on courses, please contact on 931-000-1999 or 931-181-1011 or visit Wabs Talk

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