Oct 142014

Watch Brands

Watches have become the perfect gadgets to impress your lady love in the last decade or so. You can gift them in any shape, color and the price tag they come with has no limit. Be ready to shelve out big money for an exclusive piece. You can choose between digital and analog, gold or platinum and with a host of other features. There is a perfect watch for every occasion, you just need to select it. We are today presenting you with a list of ten top brands of watches that will surely leave lasting impression on your lady.

10. Gucci

This Italian brand needs very little introduction. Since its onset in 1921 it is synonymous with the most elegant and classy watches. They have watches made out of gold, silver, diamonds and sapphire on offer.

9. Guess

The style quotient of this brand is elegance, style combined with exceptional deigning. A Guess watch is a sure shot method to prove that you care immensely.

8. Rolex

The fame of Rolex has reached far and wide. It is a well known brand for premier watches. The pieces always manage to accentuate the persona of the person wearing them. There is a Rolex watch for every occasion. And don’t forget nothing beats a Swiss watch.

7. Omega

If you are looking for a chic watch made with top notch materials then Omega is the brand for you. Omega is one of the oldest watch making companies in the world. Glamour and looks separate these watches from others.

6. Fossil

If the lady in question happens to be a genx teenager then the quirky designs Fossil has to offer will appeal to them for sure. But when it comes to Fossil they seem to be a hit with all ages. They use cutting edge technology and make sure that the designs are exclusive. You can choose from a high end range to a simple fashion statement piece.

5. Diesel

Modern women like everything bold and beautiful. Diesel offers them watches with bold designs and modern technology. You can choose a watch for a lady of any age fromthis brand. Their sporty watches are a big hit with office women who like it chic and casual.

4. Casio

Casio is one of the oldest and most reliable brands for watches in the world. A watch from Casio is considered a one time investment that never goes bad. Choose from their wide range and be sure to get appreciated for it.

3. Calvin Klein

Like their clothes the brand likes to move with the times and is a master at picking up latest trends and consumer preferences. The watches from CK are no doubt very sophisticated and trendy. You need to be cool and in control in order to carry a watch from CK, the undertone is simple and yet stylish.

2. Philippe Starck

The watches from this brand are very classy and affordable at the same time.The moment you own a piece from their line be sure to become the object of envy for many. The perfect gift for confessing you love.

1. Citizen

Owing a watch from citizen is equivalent to owning a piece of legacy from the oldest watchmakers in this world. Their design team has managed to produce some of the most beautiful watches in the world over the years.

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