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Albert Einstein

The most precious assets the human mind can have are intelligence, creativity and, of course, genius. But, whenever the talk turns to top geniuses of all time, most of us feel an all-shook-up urge to find out what those who are cited as geniuses today did back then and how. Well, definitely not IQ level alone could have made it for them! It is, in fact, true that not all intelligent people can be creative or genius and vice versa. Intelligence quotient is merely a tiny fraction of what considerable it takes to be able to change the way people see the world, and ultimately, become known as a genius!

10. Phidias:

Regarded as one of the top sculptors of Classical Greece, Phidias was a sculptor, architect and painter from Greek. He was the one to design the awesome statues of Athena, the goddess, on the Athenian Acropolis. Later, the Statue of Zeus at Olympia, his masterpiece, secured position among the seven wonders of the ancient world.

9. Sir Jagdish Chandra Bose:

The great Bengali botanist, physicist, biologist, archaeologist and polymath from India, Sir Jagdish Chandra Bose is globally recognized for his outstanding contribution to the plant science. In fact, he was the very individual to introduce experimental science in India and first worked on radio and microwave optics. Known as the founder of Bengali science fiction, Jagdish Chandra Bose remarkably contributed to the research work on remote wireless signaling and invented the Crescograph.

8. Ludwig Van Beethoven:

The key personality in the changeover between the classical and Romantic ages in music, Ludwig Van Beethoven is still remembered as the greatest composer of all time. He began to exhibit the sparks of a rare kind of musical talent quite early in life. The world will never forget his masterpieces including 9 Symphonies and 32 Piano Sonatas!

7. Michelangelo:

Michelangelo was a painter, sculptor, poet, engineer and architect from Italy. He introduced the concept of High Renaissance and put unmatched influence on western art’s development. His sculptures became the center of attraction internationally and more interestingly, his perfection in versatile disciplines secured him a place beside Leonardo Da Vinci.

6. Charles Darwin:

An English geologist and naturalist, Darwin is widely recognized for his contribution to the theory of evolution. Till date, his opinion on how man evolved is considered the best and most satisfactory. He gave scientific theory in a joint publication with Russel Wallace and established that every living species on earth evolved over time from its common ancestors.

5. William Shakespeare:

The legendary fictionist, poet and playwright best validated the belief that genius is not dependent on educational qualification and academic intelligence. If this was not true, a whole legend would have never arisen on his name. Then the vast libraries written on his literary works have some meaning. Why the wonder, otherwise, men of learning from across the globe would give various interpretations of an uneducated dramatist’s plays?

4. Alexander the Great:

This king of Macedon and the disciple of great Aristotle made the world accept that nothing is impossible, and that we can conquer whatever human mind can perceive! Able to create probably the largest empire in the history by the age of just thirty, Alexander was never defeated in battle. Nothing but his strong will to reject failure and conquer the world made him one of the most successful commanders in the world.

3. Leonardo Da Vinci:

Leonardo Da Vinci was everything from an engineer, painter and sculptor to an architect and draftsman, that too with amazingly equal level of dexterity in each field! And then who can forget the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper, his masterpieces? Having an IQ of 205 and with all his widely-adored paintings, this legendary man truly deserves to hold a top position here.

2. Sir Isaac Newton:

A scientist, physicist and mathematician, Newton is ranked second among the geniuses of all time. He is widely regarded as the pioneer of the scientific revolution, for laying the foundation of most classical mechanics and his dedication toward science. Then not just anyone would have bothered to make out why the apple he witnessed fall down headed toward the earth’s surface only and not upward or in any other direction! It is only because of Sir Isaac Newton’s inquisitive mentality that the modern world is studying the laws of universal gravitation and motion.

1. Albert Einstein:

Einstein is the first name to pop up in one’s mind when thinking of the greatest geniuses that ever lived. To get an answer as to how he got that way, it’s not enough to reiterate that he had an IQ of 160 and had exceptionally-structured kind of mind. Rather, it was his utter conviction and dead determination behind the law of relativity he gave and numerous other insights that paved the way for the institution of modern physics. What makes Einstein unique is the fact that he channelized his intention of excelling the natural science outside the classroom, get answers to his questions about natural phenomena and make them self-evident by applying them in real, practical life.

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