Feb 272014

samsung galaxy s5 smartphone India

Samsung announced the sequel of the best running Android range of smartphones with the Samsung Galaxy S5. The Galaxy S5 evolves on what is already a successful formula with a few of its own ingredients. While retaining what appeals to the buyers, the Galaxy S5 has enough to distinguish itself from the rest of the pack. Here are the top 5 reasons why the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a worthy addition to the Samsung flagship family:

1. Water and dust resistance: This is one of those features that you really need to experience to believe the liberating feeling it brings. The Galaxy S5, with its IP67 certification, is resistant to most of the water that it might come in contact normally. Wet fingers? Doesn’t matter. Is it drizzling? No need to cut the call

2. Fingerprint sensor: Brought into fashion by the iPhone 5S, Samsung didn’t miss out on the opportunity to give the S5 a biometric fingerprint sensor as well. Located on the home button, it requires the user to swipe their finger vertically. It can already be used for authentication on PayPal and Google Play support shouldn’t be far away. Goodbye annoying payment authentication techniques.

3. Heart rate monitor: With this sensor, Samsung has showed its intent on focussing on health with the Galaxy S5. The monitor is placed at the back below the camera and will make use of fingertips to determine the pulse. It is supposed to work in tandem with the apps in the S Health 3.0 suite.

4. Improved camera: Samsung has bumped up the camera on the Galaxy S5 to 16 megapixels. The most impressive part about the camera is the auto-focus speed, which at 0.3 seconds is the fastest in the world according to Samsung. When you add 4K video recording capabilities to the mix, you have got yourself a fine smartphone camera.

5. Ultra Power-Saving Mode: There are few things as terrifying as running out of juice when you need it most. Samsung has solved this problem with great ingenuity. The power saving mode on the Galaxy S5 turns the screen into black and white only and kills all non-essential apps and services. Samsung claims that the last 10 percent of your S5’s battery is enough to power it for an incredible 24 hours on the power-saving mode.

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