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Delhi’s Chaat

The best way to make your wedding memorable for your guests is by giving them nice and innovative wedding favours. But another and better way to etch your wedding moments in their minds forever is by teasing and pleasing their taste buds. The gourmand in them will make them talk about it for quite some time. Well, this time around ditch the western cuisine and explore different Indian cuisines for your beautiful Indian wedding.

Consider creating a mélange of choicest sweets, snacks and other delicacies from different parts of the country. If you are at a loss of ideas, take a look here:

Delhi’s Chaat

The name is enough to stir and tickle the spice accustomed taste buds of any foodie. The chaat of ‘Dilli’ comprises an assortment of crisp papdi chaat, full round golgappe and ever yummy tikkis that are perfect for a winter wedding. These are a great option for your menu. You can add to this some samosa chaat or different pakodas.

Bengal’s Mishti Doi

This is perhaps the most refreshing desserts. Made of sweetened yoghurt and flavored with saffron and cardamoms, this is amongst the most famous Bengali dishes all over the country. Add this as a dessert to your menu consisting of different halwas and gulab jamun.

Hyderabad’s Biryani

The richness of Basmati rice cooked in almost a million spices in an earthen pot is synonymous with excellence. And, it is a myth that vegetarian biryani does not taste as good as non-vegetarian version. But yes, this is also true that the real essence of a biryani comes from its non-vegetarian ingredients only.

Goa’s Cocktails

Goa is famous for its beaches, carnivals, and cocktails. Well, to enjoy the first two, you would have to take a trip there, but the cocktails can surely made to be a part of your wedding. Do not worry about your teetotaler guests. There are non-alcoholic variations also available of the legendary San Pedro, Taverna, Flying Hornet and Plamonata. So, add a desi touch to your drinks too!

Lucknow’s Kababs

Vegetarian or non-vegetarian kababs from this land of Nawabs are famous all over the world. The intense incense of vegetables and blended spices barbequed and splurged with choicest sauces are a pleasing treat for anybody who loves to eat.

Rajasthan’s Daal-Baati

Yummy lentils (dal) fried in ghee and earthen baked wheat puffs from the land of Maharajas are amongst the best fillers. The rich aroma is sure to woo the guests in its direction. Whether you add them to your snack palette or your main course, is your choice.

South Indian Dosa

It is the most versatile meal as it easily fits into any menu design. Serves as a great filler and is a must have for those guests who tend to fuss over food. Their gastronomic structure generally gives in to the sight of a yummy dosa cooked in butter.

Punjabi Rajma

Red luscious kidney beans cooked in rich spicy gravy and served with butter naan or roomali roti is a must have in order to give your wedding the customary opulent look. If not rajma then you can even go for pindi channa or go for something more traditional like makke di roti and sarson da saag!

Benarasi Paan

To give an exotic finale to the food ensembles at your wedding include the humble paan from the city of Benaras. This beetle leaf spread generously with mouth refreshing ingredients is the best way to fully appreciate the fine gourmet.

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