Feb 222014

The Hindu is better

A newspaper committed to rich journalistic practices is surely the most important contributor to the strength of media – the fourth pillar of democracy. Not only does it bring out in the open the happenings in different parts of the nation but also makes way for the improvement of the existing situation of the country. Surely, The Hindu could be categorized as one of the newspapers that are performing their duty to the best of their potential for many decades now. Despite lacking in readership numbers to The Times of India, the Chennai-based newspaper has earned a sincere place in hearts of millions of Indians over time due to its high standard and news reporting ethics.

10. Journalism is the key:

There are very few newspapers in the country that share the same level of commitment towards news standards and journalistic acumen as The Hindu. Considered to be completely spot-on in terms of statistics quoted, The Hindu is famously regarded as the newspaper of the intellectuals that could also guide newbie to soaring height.

9. Journalism is no business:

A news article in any form of print media should be non-biased and irrespective of the public sentiments, as per the journalistic practices followed around the world. However, not only are newspapers like The Times of India biased to a large extent, they also sell their editorial spaces to useless advertisements for some easy bucks.

8. Investigative approach:

A majority of the newspaper readers in the country who have followed both the papers closely have found that the articles in The Hindu are more expressive and based on investigative journalism than those in The Times of India. The niche view goes with The Hindu for the sole reason that there is far more than mere written words in it.

7. Value to the thoughts of readers:

The Hindu publishes ‘Letters to the Editor’ on its editorial section on a regular basis and chooses all sorts of comments from the followers, no matter how critical they maybe. Unlike The Times of India, and any other newspaper for that matter, most of the comments are critical in nature and yet The Hindu publishes them. This shows the professionalism in the hierarchy of the establishment.

6. News doesn’t mean glamour:

While The Times of India indulges in Bollywood gossips to earn more readers, The Hindu doesn’t value masquerading Bollywood trivia in form of mainstream news. The Hindu works on raised standards of journalism and therefore exhibits lot more prudence and maturity in the content published.

5. Editorials are balanced in approach:

Very rarely would you come across an article on the editorial page in The Hindu that smells of predisposition and favoritism. Almost all the articles are well researched and written from a neutral approach. In short, the editorials are fairly balanced and don’t propagate ideology of any political party.

4. Youth centric:

The Hindu is regarded as the best newspaper in the country for encouraging youth to take part in the country’s decision making process. The articles published in the newspapers are way better than those of The Times of India when it comes at raising youth related issues that affect nation.

3. Independent functioning:

There are very few newspapers in the country that function with as much independence as The Hindu. Despite being a family run business, the identity and independent nature of working style has been unaffected for decades at a stretch. Unlike the Jain family that owns The Times of India, The Hindu is considered to be more of an organization that believes in inclusive approach.

2. Trustworthy:

The Hindu carries a reputation of a newspaper that is trustworthy in its news articles and could be used as a reference point for further discussion without a doubt hanging anywhere. The information and statistical details are well researched.

1. Marketers don’t decide content:

The Times of India is one of the top five leading dailies in any language around the world and sole credit can be attributed to its marketers who decide on the content of news published on paper. However, The Hindu also rules numerous hearts in the country, but it rejects the proposal of colluding with the marketing agents of the company to produce news with sight on incoming moolah.

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