Feb 162014

Fastest Growing Cities

1. Tokyo, Japan
Up 47.1% (3.75 million)

“This ever-changing metropolis of over 12 million is perhaps the most gorgeous ugly city in the world. It out-Michelins every city in the world … Tokyo’s nightlife is a drinker’s delight.” – Timothy Hornyak.

2. Lima, Peru
Up 29.1% (3.79 million)

“Peel back the foggy layers and you’ll find pre-Columbian temples sitting silently amid condominium high-rises. What Lima lacks in attractiveness, it makes up with a huge array of downright literary experiences.”

3. Mumbai. India
Up 26.7% (2.98 million)

“A frantic melange of India’s extremes, it is the country’s financial powerhouse and its vogue centre of fashion, film and after-dark frolics.”

4. Djerba (Jerba), Tunisia
Up 24.6% (2.64 million)

“The island of Jerba has an intoxicating mixture of sandy beaches, desert heat and wonderfully idiosyncratic architecture. To the classically inclined, the mere mention of the island’s name conjures images of Homer’s Land of the Lotus Eaters, a place so seductive that it’s impossible to leave.”

5. Taipei, Taiwan
Up 24.8% (5.56 million)

“In a veritable blink of the eye, Taipei has gone from an ugly duckling of Asia to one of the region’s most dynamic, comfortable and liveable cities. Most important to the intrepid traveller, Taipei is also fun.”

6. Burgas, Bulgaria

Up 22.9% (2.69 million)

“The gateway to some of the Black Sea coast’s best beach resorts and most historic towns … Burgas is a lively, unpretentious university city that makes a good base for exploring the southern coast, while its uncrowded beach, bosky seaside park and clutch of museums can happily fill a few days of anyone’s time.”

=7. Guilin, China
Up 19.9% (1.97 million)

“The beauty of this scenic city, celebrated for generations by poets and painters, more than lives up to its reputation (but) a booming tourist trade (has) made it a challenge to enjoy Guilin’s charms.”

=8. Siem Reap, Cambodia
19.9% (1.93 million)

“Siem Reap has reinvented itself as the epicentre of the new Cambodia, with more guesthouses and hotels than temples, world-class wining and dining and sumptuous spas (but) at its heart, Siem Reap is still a little charmer, with old French shop-houses, shady tree-lined boulevards and a slow-flowing river.”

9. Kiev (Kyiv), Ukraine
18.6% (1.87 million)

Your first impression of Kyiv is bound to be one of surprise. This cradle of all that is Russian, this receptacle of ‘New Ukrainian’ wealth, this paradise of crooked politicians and gangsters is so … beautiful … Kyiv will entice you the moment you gaze upon its gold domes lighting up the leafy banks of the Dnipro.”

10. Istanbul, Turkey
16.5% (8.82 million)

“Istanbul is hot. And we’re not talking about the weather. These days, there are more happening restaurants, bars, galleries and clubs around town than there are exquisite Ottoman mosques (and that’s a lot).”

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