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Mumbai, the financial and commercial capital of India, is also known for its high living cost and maintenance. However, can monetary matters ever come in the way of youngsters living and enjoying their lives? Of course, they don’t. This doesn’t mean that youngsters would be wayward and would spend their all their pocket money (and more) without any inhibition. On the contrary, we’ve found some exceptionally wonderful places in Mumbai where you can grab a pint of chilled but cheap beer while chilling out with best buddies. Let’s have a look at some—

6. Toto’s Garage

No, we’re not talking of any automobile repairing centre, but a proper pub styled like a buzzing and throbbing London pub! This is one of the most “happening” places in Mumbai as it is located in one of the most famous areas, Bandra. Apart from the cheap alcohol, including varied options for cocktails, this place is also much famous for his chic décor—it is designed like a real garage with half mended cars, instruments and spare parts lying here and there. Even the pub staff remains clad in garage uniforms, and the rock music just sets up the tempo of this place. Well, if you’re intending to visit this place, be prepared to fight for a couple of seats!

5. Bay View

If you’re in the mood to enjoy a peaceful gate away in Mumbai on a constrained budget, then Bay View, formerly the Starlit Café, is the place to be. Tucked off at the rooftop of a very ordinary hotel Harbor View and the Strand hotel, this place offers a brilliant array of yummy Indian and Chinese food. And, for that large bottle of beer, you’d be poorer by a meager 150 bucks! Although the décor is quite plain with terracotta tiles and mosaic walls, it offers a splendid view of the Arabian Sea, the Gateway of India and even the Mumbai harbor. If you’re intending to visit Mumbai during the monsoons, do not give this place a miss, being there during that time is just worth it!

4. Alps Restaurant and Beer Bar

If you want to have a chilled out time with your friends while listening to rock music or have some most wanted “me-time” while watching live soccer or cricket match over TV, then Alps Restaurant and Beer Bar is the place to be. Oh, no, you don’t have to go to Switzerland to get a feel of this wonderful Resto-bar, Colaba is good enough to elicit the same feeling. It is a decent place where you can get cheap pitchers of beer in addition to delectable sizzlers, chips and fish which are its specialty.

3. Sports Bar Express

Located in Colaba, this place is nothing short of heaven to a person addicted to sports. Not only do they have giant plasma screens, which telecast live matches, but the whole place is decorated with basket ball hoops, pool tables, dart boards and punching bags for those who just cannot sit idle. Just grab a pitcher of beer and lose yourself in hard rock music that’s mostly played here—that’s our mantra of spending a relaxed and chilled weekend!

2. Leopold’s Café

One of the most famous cafés in Mumbai, Leopold’s Café saw more people pouring in after it got featured in Gregory David Robert’s epic novel, “Shantaram”. It is precisely due to this Shantaram craze that the place is always more crowded with foreigners. Although you get a very good and commendable collection of wine, you’d find people mostly chitchatting over 3 liter pitchers of beer and savoring some fresh and delectable food (it’s a multi-cuisine restaurant too). The best things about this place are its great timings and their awesome music!

1. Café Mondegar

Again located at Colaba, if you love good music, Café Mondegar is definitely going to make it to your must-visit list. From retro rock and jazz to pop, they’ve an amazing playlist. Coming to food, though they serve good continental items, they are mostly famous for their breakfast spread. On alcoholic drinks, they offer only beer and wine—but we bet you won’t get a place which serve cheaper wine in Mumbai (at 90 bucks for a glass, they are a steal)!

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