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Maruti 800 Car

Ask any 80s born person about their favorite car – you’ll find most of them uttering a single name — Maruti 800. Inexpensive, compact and stylish—it was everyone’s dream car: the rich would make it their sons’ and daughters’ first car whereas the middle-income group would see it as a nice, budget car which they could happily afford. In other words, it created a history in being India’s most affordable but efficient car for ages. Now that the car’s production has been stalled forever, let’s look back why it had been so famous, and why we’re going to miss it forever—

5. A Revolutionized Car since its Inception

Now when we see a Nano or a Matiz or a Santro roaming up and down the roads and streets, we are not really taken aback by their size or their compactness. However, things weren’t exactly the same two decades back during the age of grand fiats, ambassadors, Standard Gazels and Grand Padminis.

This compact, fuel-efficient, inexpensive but air-conditioned car came as a surprise and swayed every person off their feet. Till that time, owning cars exemplified status but post its launch, cars became for everyone, irrespective of any social statuses. It became a symbol of modern Indian automobile industry.

4. A Car for Everyone

In spite of having a meager 796cc petrol engine, it was quick to gain the support of common people who were too overwhelmed to finally get a car who they (the middle class people) could not only dream of owning but own and ride them too.

It was a car for everyone—the common people and the spoilt brats too, and have been so for not a year or two, but for around 2 decades!

No matter how many Santros or Altos or Zens we have, the streets would never be the same with diminishing number of Maruti 800s.

3. Flurry of Memories

Well, Indians are hooked to nostalgia like no one, and to a person born in the late 80s and early 90s, Maruti 800 unfurls a flurry of nostalgic memories like no other cars.

Seeing those hurrying past other cars in the roads and streets, people would be transported back to their childhood or their early adulthood in which the car had a major role to play in.

These might seem a bit absurd to people who never owned any Maruti 800, but try asking about it to any person who’ve had the opportunity of spending much time with and in the car, you’ll get your answer!

2. Small but Efficient

There is a famous saying that big gifts come in small packages; and, this holds absolutely true for Maruti 800. It might be really small (even smaller than a Nano) but its brilliant sales record from Kashmir to Kanyakumari is enough to vouch for its efficiency.

Be it the winding roads of Mussourie or the rough terrains of Ladakh or the dusty lanes of Jaipur or the muddy Kolkata streets, Maruti 800 has excelled everywhere and time and again proved its worth. Besides, the cost of repairing or maintaining the car is absolutely meager, which is an added bonus. Alas! All of these would really be missed from now on with the production of Maruti 800 being stalled forever.

1. A Super-Hit from the Start

When Maruti 800 was first launched, it indeed took everyone by surprise so much so that people would queue up in front of the showrooms to book their “first car”. Although Nano came with a tagline of 1,00,000 bucks during its launch, it was still insufficient to grab so much eyeballs as Maruti 800 did in its own days, and hence, was considered as, kind of, a failure.

Besides, with a maximum speed of around 130 kmph, it was quite a steal at such a budget price (50,000 bucks when it was first launched). Compared to the good ol’ Maruti 800, the newer and technologically superior, the Tata Nano could only provide a maximum speed of 108 kmph. To the Indians who mostly understand the basic language of speed as well as mileage, there was no comparison of their very own Maruti 800.

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