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Satya Nandela

Satya Nadella is the first non-US and third CEO of Microsoft, succeeding/proceeding Steve Ballmer. He has served Microsoft (MS) for more than 22 years. Nadella aspires to change the world through his talent and perseverance. Before official announcement of his appointment on 4 February 2104, Nadella was the executive Vice-President of Cloud and Enterprise Group of Microsoft. Presented next are 9 less known facts about Satya Nadella who defeated many dark horses in race for the leading job.

9. Early life and Education

Born in South Indian city of Hyderabad in the year 1967, Satya spent his childhood along the banks of Musi River. Nadella went to Hyderabad Public school and later graduated from the neighboring state of Karnataka in 1988. He pursued Bachelors in electrical engineering from Manipal University. Nadella moved to US for Postgraduate studies. Nadella’s education qualification includes a BS, MSCS and MBA. His teachers recall him as a first class student and true to this; Nadella achieved distinctions in his education career.

8. Son of an IAS officer

Satya Nadella’s CEO appointment at MS is a matter of pride for his retired IAS father and all the Telugus. Nadella’s father BN Yugandhar served at top bureaucratic positions in government of India. Later on, Yugandhar was appointed as a member of the planning commission.

7. 22 years with Software Giant

Before coming on MS board, Nadella started his career as a member of the technology staff at Sun Microsystems. Nadella joined Microsoft in the year 1992. He worked on Windows NT project after taking the Microsoft job offer. Nadella worked at MS centre in Redmond city, Washington and in parallel continued his MBA studies in Chicago. He was able to complete MBA degree in two-and–a-half years.

6. Helped Generate $19 Billion In the Annual Revenue of Microsoft

As head of MS cloud and enterprise business, Satya helped generate $19 billion in the annual revenue out of company’s $78 billion overall figure. Satya provided an edge to MS Azure platform over other cloud competitors such as Apple, Google and IBM.

5. Ever-lasting interest in Learning

Apart from a master’s in computer science from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Nadella holds a master’s degree in business administration from University of Chicago. He always wanted to build amazing things in the field of computers. Nadella’s business skills can help MS to regain leadership in the software-powered world.

Nadella loves to find new ways for excelling in everyday life. He regularly signs up for some online courses offering innovative ideas, crazy ambitions and neuroscience classes. He believes that these little things can empower people to do amazing change in tech-world.

4. Nadella’s Interest in Cricket

Nadella was very passionate for playing cricket in his school’s team. He even learnt special lessons about team-work and leadership during cricket matches. He still enjoys watching Test cricket in spare times. Microsoft’s new CEO feels relaxed while reading poetry and Russian novels. He believes that the best expression code for human is poetry.

3. Nadella’s Family Life

Nadella is fundamentally defined by his family. He has been married to his high school girl friend for the last 22 years. Nadella lives with his wife and three children at a residence in Bellevue, WA. His father still lives in Hyderabad.

2. Nadella Restricts Socializing to Close Family and Friends

Nadella mainly focuses his attention on family front and company related matters. His enormous success in tech industry is world-wide known. But, Nadella has not tweeted since July 2010 from his social account. Nadella has good consumer focus yet unproved investor relations.

1. An enthusiastic Speaker, Nadella loves to Give Speeches

Mr. Nadella is a regular speaker at several technological events and business conferences. He recently participated in a worldwide partner conference and acted as a speaker at Microsoft’s Financial Analyst Meeting 2013. Nadella loves to deliver speeches full of enthusiasm in tech gatherings.

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