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People behind Microsoft

Microsoft is an American multinational with its headquarters in Washington. The corporation was founded by Bill Gates along with Paul Allen. It is one of the world’s most valuable companies that develops licensed operating system and supports many software products. Microsoft was established to develop BASIC interpreters for different systems. It is one of the leaders in the personal computer operating system market today. But there were certain people behind Microsoft who made all this possible. Here is a look.

10. Eric Rudder:

Eric Rudder is the person responsible for Microsoft’s technical policy engagements with the governments of different countries. He looks into the development of new technology, carving out new partnerships and charting out new technical plans. Eric has also worked as the vice president of technical strategy department with Bill Gates. He also assists him in networking, development and operational tools.

9. Tony Bates:

Tony Bates is the president of the Skype division of Microsoft. He is the person responsible for developing the company’s direction and strategy. Tony also has a rich professional experience as he has previously served at Cisco and YouTube. Bates is an expert on internet technologies. He has been a driving force behind many technological innovations at Microsoft. Tony has a combined leadership experience of more than 20 years.

8. Terry Myerson:

Terry Myerson is the corporate vice president of the Windows phone division. He looks after the marketing and sales of Microsoft software. He is responsible for the services division of windows phone all over the world. He has also been involved in development of software for the Microsoft phone in the past.

7. Peter Klein:

Peter Klein is the chief financial officer. He looks into the worldwide financial operations of Microsoft such as tax planning, accounting, reporting, internal audit and investor relations. He has also served as a corporate vice president and CFO of Microsoft’ business division.

6. Kurt DelBene:

Kurt DelBene is the president of Microsoft office division. He handles the development of global productivity strategies and also looks after engineering and marketing functions. He is directly involved in the development of various MS products including Office 365, exchange, share point and lync.

5. Lisa Brummel:

Lisa is the chief people officer at Microsoft and is the head of human resource department since 2005. She has an expertise in working with home and retail division, where she, in the past, developed Microsoft’s line of consumer hardware, software and Macintosh products.

4. Satya Nadella:

Satya Nadella is the president of servers and tool business at Microsoft. He was the person in charge of the technical vision, strategy, operations, and marketing for Microsoft’s $15 billion business. The principal tool behind Microsoft’s platform and developer tools, Satya Nadella was appointed company’s CEO on February 4, 2014.

3. Steve Ballmer:

Steve Ballmer is the current CEO of the organization. A Harvard university graduate Ballmer joined Microsoft on June 11, 1980 and since then has been passionately adding his valuable experience to the brand. He is known to be a great motivator and constantly keeps guiding his team. Steve was the 30th employee of the Microsoft and the first business manager appointed by Bill Gates.

2. Paul Allen:

Paul Allen is an American investor, philanthropist and the co-founder of Microsoft. He was personally involved in developing many computer software systems and applications in the initial days. Presently, Allen has personal businesses in real estate, technology media, sports and content companies.

1. Bill Gates:

William Henry “Bill’’ Gates was the former CEO and current chairman of the organization. He is one of the wealthiest persons in the world and a renowned philanthropist. This Harvard university dropout holds maximum number of shares in the company. The reason why Bill Gates tops this list is simple: the world knows him as the man who made Microsoft.

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