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how to beat norvousness

Some people, who are confident and lively typically, become quite nervous and weak when they are around people who are attractive, especially attractive people of opposite sex. Nervousness around people you find attractive can prevent you from having friendship or a relationship with them. Holding down the anxiety and acting calm, or avoiding such situations is just dealing with the symptom, while the cause of the symptom lingers in the background; only to make its appearance in the most unwanted situation. Nothing impresses people more than your confidence; unfortunately, it will not co-exist with nervousness. Beating anxiety around attractive people is quite easy if you have identified your problem and decided to beat it through these 6 simple ways.

6. Learn to appreciate yourself:

Make mental notes of appreciation you receive from people. Know what your best aesthetic assets are, so that you can highlight them to enhance your own beauty. Give special attention to your wardrobe, so that you are looking your best and feeling confident when you are going out. Learn to appreciate yourself; moreover, accept praise with grace when it comes from others. Repeat to yourself that you are attractive, until you start believing in it. Once you learn to appreciate yourself, the anxiety and nervousness you feel around attractive people will come down as you feel at home with them.

5. Develop listening skills:

When nervous, people try to talk to overcome their feeling. This is wrong strategy, as in the state of anxiety you may end up talking excessively and saying things which will be embarrassing. The whole situation will cause a big dent in your confidence, making you more nervous when you are around attractive people next time. Develop listening skills. When other people talk, you will know that they are not as confident as they appear to be around you. It will also help you to find a comfortable topic discuss as the conversation continues.

4. Be Yourself:

When you consider the other person attractive, you will often try to get their attention. You may try to be someone who can impress them, which will lead you to behave unnaturally. Believe me; you can charm people more by being yourself than trying to portray a different image; no matter how attractive that image is. Moreover, you don’t want someone to like you for what you are not. Being yourself will keep you comfortable, relaxed and charming; whereas, when you try imitate someone, often you will end up messing things up. The situations where you were left red faced will add to your nervousness when you are around similar people next time.

3. Do not avoid people who make you nervous:

Familiarity will drive away your fear nervousness. Even if you fear approaching people who are attractive, do it anyway; but only after preparing yourself not feel disappointed if the response they give you is not what you wanted. If your fear stems from the fact that you stand little chance with them; than know that, without trying your chances are nil. The trick is not to let one unpleasant experience ruin your confidence. Carry yourself with dignity when starting a conversation without allowing the fear of embarrassment or rejection from the person overshadowing you. Don’t worry if you feel you have run out words, your heart is racing and all of sudden you are sure that you will sound stupid. Just breathe and give yourself sometime to settle down. Develop body language that will not give out hints about your inner conflicts. Practice will make you perfect.

2. Stand out in the crowd:

If a person is attractive then they must have grown tired of hearing compliments and praises from people around them. Do not be just another person, who is attracted to their beauty. Find something else, apart from their physical appearance which you can appreciate and compliment them on that. Everyone feels good when they see how you have seen something else in them beyond their physical appearance to which everyone is attracted. That will create a special spot for you in their lives.

1. Beauty is but skin deep:

Bring down attractive people from the pedestal you have placed them. Do not overrate beauty, after all ‘beauty is only skin deep’ in the famous words of Sir Thomas Overbury. It is your attitude towards attractive people and how you rate physical beauty that makes you nervous around them. There is much more to a person than just chiseled features or toned shapely figure that makes them beautiful. Remember, attractive or not, they are just humans like you. They may in fact have flaws in their character that may turn you off in the long run.

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