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kolkata metro

The ‘City of Joy’, Kolkata, offers an array of interesting places to the inquisitive knower! Apart from all its historical possessions, the most out-of-the-box is the Kolkata Metro Railway! It connects the city with the adjoining districts of North 24 Parganas and South 24 Parganas in West Bengal. Yes, it is the underground railway system, which you can only come across in Delhi and Bangalore other than in Kolkata! You might wonder what’s so interesting about the metro in Kolkata!

Here is a list of 10 of the most interesting facts about the Kolkata Metro, which you must know!

10. Perfect Place for Lovers!

It is underground, it is busy and it is huge! Hence the metro is the perfect place for lovers who want to find a safe shelter for chatting and spending time with each other (being huge down there, it is unlikely that you’ll ever get discovered by any familiar face!)

9. Alternative To 6.2% Roads in Kolkata!

It is a fact that roads, which take us from one place to the other, cover only about 6.2% of the land surface in Kolkata. Hence, the metro was initially conceived as an alternative transport system to decrease the transport woes of the city public which went on to become the Kolkata metro!

8. Historically significant – What Calcutta Thinks Today, India Thinks Tomorrow

There is a saying that many of you will be able to recognize with, here goes – ‘What Calcutta thinks today, India thinks tomorrow’! After more than two decades of the metro railway serving the city, Delhi has got one and Mumbai is thinking of having one! True saying indeed!

7. Fastest Mode of Transport in Kolkata!

The Metro will take you from the southernmost tip of the city to the northernmost part within few minutes (who wants to stand for hours in traffic-snarls!). Better to get your way through by hopping on to one of the trains underground!

6. Ten Stations Are Named After Famous Bengali Personalities!

Named after towering Bengali freedom fighters, these stations are – Girish Park (after theatre personality Girish Ghosh), Jatin Das Park (after freedom fighter Jatin Das), Kavi Subhash, Kavi Nazrul (after the poet Kazi Nazrul Islam), Mahanayak Uttam Kumar (after Bengali star actor Uttam Kumar), Mahatma Gandhi Road (after Mahatma Gandhi), Masterda Surya Sen (after freedom-fighter Surya Sen), Netaji, Netaji Bhavan (after Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose), Shahid Khudiram (after freedom-fighter Khudiram Bose).

5. It is the Spookiest!

This is for the mystery lovers – it is a fact that the maximum number of suicides takes place in the Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station! People have report to have seen apparitions after the last train having left the station! So you never know you might get a chance to encounter you-know-what-I-mean at night!

4. It is completely Air-Cooled!

The huge underground system is maintained by air-cooled ventilators and not air conditioners – so there are pockets which allow cool air to pass through it making it very comfortable for people suffering from lung disorders!

3. Cheapest fares in the World!

Believe it or not, the lowest fare for the five kilometer distance is Rs.5, the lowest anywhere in the world! Rates have been revised from the ten kilometer distance until very recently!

2. Most Crowded among All!

The Kolkata Metro carries close to five lakh passengers daily (a tough deal for passengers)! (Passengers in fact were ready to pay higher ticket prices to feel roomy inside the trains!)

1. The Oldest Metro in India!

It is the oldest Metro Station in India which started its journey in the year 1984! The foundation stone was laid by the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in the year 1972, while construction started in the years 1973-74!

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