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Kill Laziness Instantly

The disease that follows the bite of lazy bug can be devastating. There is whole wide world to conquer, and all you can do it laze around in some mysterious stupor without doing anything much the whole day. Procrastination will soon befriend you, even as you find solace in sleeping at odd hours, idling away your precious time doing nothing or embark on a journey to the fantasy land where everything is according to your liking. Do not go through guilt if you are lazy, because laziness is a natural trait of humans. It the fast paced world that has risen the bar of performance that makes it absolutely necessary for us to work hard if we wish to be successful members of society. In today’s world, if you do not kill laziness quickly, it is sure going to kill your career, life and happiness in days to come. I am compiling a list of 6 tricks that may work in your endeavor to kill laziness.

6. Divide tasks into smaller portions:

Imagine a huge stack of books you try to pick up at one go, or a big piece of cake you try to eat with one single bite. Does that give you a clue? When the task at hand is too much, you tend to procrastinate and put it away. Simplify overwhelming tasks at hand to smaller bits, so that you can do one thing at a time. If cleaning the house in on your procrastination list, break the cleaning into, laundry, dusting, mopping and other simple activities so that you can achieve at least few of them in a day.

5. Be Organized:

Most of the procrastination time is spent wondering where and when to being the task staring at you. Start by organizing your work place, since clutter can easily kill your motivation to work. Prioritize tasks through a journal, as written words speak more strongly than your mental thoughts. Once your work place is settled, continue organizing other areas like your bedroom, closet, or car. Organized place can help you work more effectively.

4. Stop distractions:

Distractions give us a reason to be lazy without feeling much guilt; since the buck is passed on to the distraction easily. TV, social media, gossip and many more distractions serve the purpose of allowing you to be lazy without worrying about the tasks which needs immediate attention. Evaluate your life to find your distractions, so that you can stop them immediately. Make a strict rule that you will NOT attend to the distracting activities until you finish the task at hand. You can rope in someone to monitor and remind you every time you falter.

3. Do not take your accomplishments for granted:

Do not hesitate to pat your back even when you have completed just one of the tasks from the list. If you start taking your accomplishments for granted, you will soon run out of motivation to do work. Promise yourself a reward once you tick off everything from the ‘To do’ list.

2. Remove the tag:

Do not brand yourself lazy and surrender to the tag, though it is very easy and tempting. Laziness is not an incurable malady. What you think about yourself makes a lot of difference to the way you perform. Rephrase all your negative sentences to positive and practice saying them over and over again. Slowly cover the journey from ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can’.

1. Action not thoughts or words:

Do not keep talking or thinking about what you are going to do. Take the first step and stand on your feet, ready for the action. If you are hooked on to one of your distractions then put an end to it NOW. Switch off the TV, disconnect internet or put down the phone immediately without giving it a second thought. If you say just few more minutes, then you have reached the end of road. The minutes will turn into hours and soon the day will end with the work staring at you. Time has wings when you are being lazy.

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