Sep 272013

Targetting Bharatiya Janata Party’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi indirectly, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi addressed his first rally at Bastar, and said that contrary to the ideology of his party who worked for the poor, the opposition has a leader who only works for himself.

Gandhi, while hinting at Modi, said: “My firm belief is that in politics there are two types of people. One who fights for the people for their larger interests while others are who fight for themselves.

But Why does Rahul Gandhi think that Narendra Modi has no team to work under him? If one female can destroy the entire economy, then why cannt one person run the country.

Not the Opposition, but the majority of youth think that one man Narendra Modi can heal the wound of the Nation. Their perception may be wrong; but it is the writing on the wall. People in general are disturbed due to price rise, multiple scams, cover-ups, protection of the criminal MPs, huge black money in India and foreign countries, economic downturn, joblessness, no new employment, large scale unemployment and underemployment, incursion by foreign troops, infiltration of Pak terrorists on will, killing Army personnel(Fourth Largest Army!!!) on will, after all, Dollar tending to equal FM’s age and then will near the mum Pm’s age!!!

Our exports should be cheaper, but what to export? We have no major manufacturing commodities of mass use,like China, to export. When general public are in distress, they are sure to pin hopes on any body who boasts to deliver us. Rightly or wrongly, younger people who are at a loss due to the above problems, see Modi as demi god. In comparision, Rahul Gandhi speaks of inclusiveness. MNREGA, Food Security , NRHM, Bharat Nirman are enough inclusive programs; but what about growth, creation of job, and condition of economy of 2006-07? Rahul does not speak on policy matters, not on economy, not on FDI(which BJP opposed and it is double standard of that party), not on creation of infrastructure etc etc. Modern young men and women are much more informative . Rahul must pay heed to the problems , or he will be no where.


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