May 152013


I got information about WabsTalk by internet. I liked its website and decided to visit this institute. After visiting WabsTalk (Tilak Nagar) I felt very comfortable. I liked the institute so much that I decided to join this institute only.

I would like to say that the atmosphere of the institute is very comfortable and teachers are very friendly in nature and they help us become comfortable for speaking because of this we also feel free to speak.

In speaking sessions we improve our communication skills. We have group discussions, Role plays, quick speaking and so many other activities. Batches are small and teachers give required attention to each and every student.

To help us remove our hesitation in public speaking teachers provide us practical training. They take us to a mall or any public place and encourage us to speak in public. Because of this practical training we improve our communication skills and get rid off our public speaking fear.

We also get personality development sessions. Aparajita madam handles personality development sessions very well. She tells us how to improve our personality and helps us become confident.

If I talk about myself WabsTalk has helped me gain a lot of confidence. It has helped me remove my hesitation. When I joined WabsTalk I was not able to speak in front of others but thanks to WabsTalk now I am able to speak confidently and fluently. Now I know the rules of grammar and I can write and speak effective and impressive English.

I want to advise others that WabsTalk is the best institute to learn English. It puts its best to help us learn English and everyone must join WabsTalk. Visit website: Wabs Talk

Jyoti Bisht

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