May 112013

Although God created humans into two form; men and women, blessed them with everything almost equal and gave them equal rights but nothing in this world can change the fact that a woman after all odds and evens, has been created from the backbone of a man. Men are actually superior to women; this is a fact which can never be changed. Women are completely stunning and amazing but men are better than women in so many aspects of life, the biggest living proof which we have is that today the power of this world is in the hands of men, among the most of powerful people in world, almost all of them are men.
The men who today have the most power in world, among them the top 10 most powerful men which in the world are:

1. Barrack Obama:

Barrack Obama

Barrack obama is the most powerful man at the moment because he is the current president of America; he has recently been elected as the president of America for the second time. America is the leading power and can temper with any country & America actually is tempering with many nations of world. America has power, army, money, technology and barrack obama is ring master. He has the future of not only America but of many other countries in his hands because the world’s economy is connected to America’s economy.

2. Vladimir Putin:

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin is the most powerful man in Russia; he has become the prime minister & president of Russia both twice and is still the president of Russia. Russia is very powerful when it comes to army and this man can do whatever he wishes to do with this magnificent army which is a great threat to the rest of the world.

3. Bill gates:

Bill Gates

Everyone associated with computers & software is familiar with bill gates, he is an Inventor who laid down the foundation of the largest software company named Windows. He is business magnate as well as a programmer; apart from his own company he has shares in many other companies. He has remained the richest man in world for many years but recently this title has been taken over by someone else. But bill gate due to his remarkable inventions, business mind and fortune remains at the third position when it comes to power.

4. Pope Benedict:

Pope Benedict

Pope is the most important person in Christianity; he is the leader of the Catholic Church, head of the Vatican City. This global leader of Catholic Church holds the office of papacy. Pope has a lot of power and contact, the current pope is Pope Benedict who took over the office in 2005 but he is very much about to retire in few weeks.

5. Ben bernake:

Ben bernake

Ben Bernanke is titled as the greatest market maker, if he desires then can doom the entire economy. He is an American economist and is the chairman of the Federal Reserve at the central bank of America. America currently is ring master of world’s economy and he is the leading player. Furthermore, this man is a Jew, these days Jews have taken over the states, although America is the leading power but all of America’s money has been coming from the Jews, America however acts the way the Jews want them to. Ben Bernanke is a Jew with a lot of money, which signifies only one thing; power.

6. King Abdullah:

King Abdullah

King Abdullah is the one who holds the throne of Saudi Arabia since 2005. King Abdullah is a very powerful man firstly because of the massive amount of money he has, secondly Saudi Arabia exports most of the world’s oil, without which the stability of the system can stumble, king Abdullah if decides to cease the oil supply then the rest of the world will be in deep trouble.

7. Mario Draghi:

Mario Draghi

Mario draghi is an Italian banker and economist; he was the governor of the bank of Italy and Italian executive director at the World Bank and is currently the president of European central bank. This man is said to have some connection with Jews, Jews however are the ones who have been manipulating with many nations. Mario draghi can bring a massive change in the face of earth if he intends to.

8. Xi JinPing:

Xi JinPing

China has one of the leading economies of world, most of the world’s factories are in china, many big countries such as America and Japan have placed their factories in china and china is doing most of the export throughout the world. Another thing to consider is that china has the world’s biggest army. China is doing most of the exports in all the spheres. The person who has the power to temper with all these things in Xi JinPing, he is current leader of the communist party of china, Vice president for people’s republic of china, and is about to become the next president of china.

9. David Cameron:

David Cameron

David cameron is the current prime minister of the United Kingdom (England), he holds the office of the prime minister since 2005, but he has been involved in active as well as effective politics for many years. He is a descendant of King William and a very prominent member of the parliament; also he is the leader of the conservative party. All these positions which he holds signify the fact that he is indeed a very powerful man. Increasing his power is the army of England which is very devastating, and David cameron is the man who has the key to this army.

10. Carlos slim helu:

Carlos slim helu

Carlos slim helu is a Mexican business tycoon, who has his own empire as well as he is an investor. He has many prominent Mexican companies under his umbrella, furthermore he is very much involved in the business world, holds many important positions in the business world. His father was a business magnate as well; Carlos himself started his business at a very early age of 12 and later took over his father’s business as well. This man was the richest man in world in the year 2010. He is civil engineer; he was a remarkable student who taught at the very same university he himself was studying. In today’s world, money is everything, fame, luck and power. This man has so much money that he can stimulate & manipulate anyone’s fate if he wishes for it.

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