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Before you change your email address, make sure you back up your existing contacts and clean your mailing list. You may want to remind some of your older contacts of who you are, and inform them of the change. Once you have exported your clean address book, take it to the email service provider of your choosing and select a unique name that is easily identifiable. Don’t forget to follow up with contacts to make sure that they know your new address and how to reach you.

Alerting Existing Contacts

Send a message to the contacts that you already have and inform them that you are changing your email address. Send this message from your current address so that it will be recognizable to your contacts, and it won’t get lost in spam. Include your new email address, if you know it, or let contacts know that they should expect a message from your new address shortly.

Clean Address Book

Before you export your address book, review the existing contacts saved to your account and remove any that you do not wish to keep. Most email services utilize a system whereby you can check a box on multiple contacts to perform batch actions on many addresses at once.

Export Address Book

Export contacts in a CSV format so that you can easily import to your new address. Gmail users can click “Gmail” followed by “Contacts” and then “Export” export contacts in “CSV” format. Yahoo Mail users will need to navigate to “Contacts” from the “Options” menu, then click “Tools” followed by “Export.” Windows Live Mail users can simply click the “People” folder, followed by “Manage” and then “Export.”

Forward Old Email

Set up an email forward for messages that may still come into your old box during your change. You should utilize this forward for about a month, but it’s not unacceptable to retain a permanent forward for important email. Gmail users can click the “Settings” button followed by the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.” For Yahoo, click the “Settings” button followed by “Mail Options,” then click “POP & Forwarding” and fill out the new email address. Windows Live Mail users can click the “Settings” button followed by “More email settings” and then “Email forwarding.”

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