May 062013

Sibal forgets UPA's scams

It seems Union Communications and IT Minister Kapil Sibal is suffering from amnesia. Sibal called BJP and media corrupt, but forgot to mention anything against Congress-led UPA government which is knee-deep in corruption.

Scams after scams are coming out in the open against almost all the Union ministers in UPA government, but Sibal, like a true Congress loyalist only blamed opposition BJP. Sibal targeted the BJP government in Madhya Pradesh and said the state witnessed “rampant corruption” under the BJP government.

At a press conference in Bhopal, he said crores of rupees had been recovered in raids on the residence of an IAS couple in the state and it appeared as if the entire bureaucracy was corrupt, but the state government was not doing anything about it. The people had now seen the true face of BJP and they would defeat it in the Assembly elections in November 2013, Sibal said.

When asked about UPA’s scams by journalists, he hit out at media itself: “You’ll have paid news. Corruption is a societal problem we have to work together against.”

Contributed By Sonia Narula

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