May 062013

Renault Duster beats Mahindra Scorpio

The success to a company can come really fast and Duster shows it amply. Renault Duster has beaten Mahindra Scorpio to become highest selling SUV in India in a very short span of time

From being a newly launched SUV till some time back to becoming the highest selling SUV of the country, Renault Duster has indeed come a long way. The four wheels that has earned the name ‘modern compact SUV’ of India, is contributing towards 80 percent of the car makers total sales taking place in the country.

Selling like hot cakes, Duster has done a world of good to the Indian subsidiary of Renault, something which none of its earlier ventures have been able to do. Launched against the arch rival Mahindra Scorpio, Renault Duster has outnumbered it be selling 6,300 units as against the 4,700 Scorpios being sold thereby topping the sales chart in the month of April alone.

Flying literally out of the showrooms, a large number of SUV owners can be seen shifting towards Duster. Commenting on the achievement made by the Duster, Sumit Sawhney, executive director, marketing and sales at Renault India, said: “The Duster is a very well accepted product in the market. This gives us the confidence for a better performance. We have made additions to the product which has helped us achieve incremental volumes”.

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