May 042013

facebook likes on page

After setting up a new Facebook Page, you’re likely to be feeling both excited and daunted.
First excitement

Excited because a new Facebook Page represents a new beginning; a chance to engage with your audience directly, personally and possibly even convert them into loyal customers. Setting up a social media channel and deploying a well-thought out social media strategy could do wonders for your SEO too. Having one is a no-brainer.
Then “Urghh, what now…?”

Immediately after this, however, the doubt sets in: “Okay, so I have my page set up, my graphics are there, all my company info is correct… so now how do I get people to actually like this thing?”

“Facebook Page done. Where are the Likes?!”

1. Shout about it

Unless you’ve only set up your Facebook Page to facilitate a very, very small business, you’ll no doubt have plenty of channels in which to promote your new social hangout.

Your website offers a plethora of opportunities in which to promote your page; be this via static social buttons, permanently affixed in your site’s navigation pages, through a line of text on your About Us page or by including a reference to your social channels when a customer makes a purchase on your site.

2. Give incentives to join

While this might sound like a rather primitive piece of advice, the “carrot and stick” approach can work wonders when you’re attempting to attract Likes to a new Facebook Page.

Competitions are a fantastic incentive because – for a small investment on your part – you could attract hundreds or even thousands of Likes to your Page in a short space of time. One idea might be to announce that, once a certain number of likes are achieved, everyone who liked the page goes into a prize draw.

3. Engage

Don’t forget, “it’s called social for a reason”. You need to get stuck-in on Facebook, joining and Liking-back relevant communities, brands and groups, contributing content, commentary and encouraging discussion back into the Facebook eco-system.

4. Content – mix it up and make it shareable!

While it might be tempting to solely post articles relevant to your industry, you can offer your community so much more than that.

Think photos, think videos, think infographics. Give your community a reason to care about your Page, enjoy it, and return on a regular basis.

5. Analyse early fan base and adjust accordingly

There are dozens of brilliant social tools out there that can help you understand when your new audience is most active, their demographic make-up and what kinds of posts they’ve been enjoying the most.

Reports from tools like Sprout Social, for example, might impart you with the knowledge that Monday is the day when your new fans are interacting with your content the most, and that the overwhelming majority of them are male, in the age range of 30-40 and based in the UK.

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