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5 most common skin problems

Your skin has to face pollution, direct sunlight, stress, infection and sweat, among other factors.

This can have negative effects on your skin. Since it takes a lot of effort to add a skin care regime in our daily busy schedule, we help you by listing out the most common skin troubles and their effective solutions.

Many teenagers suffer from acne. Unfortunately this skin condition does not disappear with puberty. Many adults keep having troubles with acne. High levels of humidity, stressful situations as well as sweating cause acne. Cleaning and washing your skin on the daily basis might be useless. It is very difficult to deal with acne on your own. That’s why you need to visit dermatologist to find an optimal treatment. Acne requires serious medical treatment, simple cosmetic products wouldn’t work.

Razor burn and ingrown hair
It is not a secret that shaving irritates the sensitive facial skin. Razor burn causes one of the worst skin sensations. Many men are familiar with its consequences: red skin and serious irritation. As a result you may even have pimples for several days.

Pay attention to your pre shave routine if you don’t want to get any razor burn. You need to wash your face with warm water prior to shaving. Avoid using any old rusty razors. Shaving cream will soften the hair and prepare your skin for shaving. If you still got the burn, apply some cortisone cream on your skin to ease the pain.

Ingrown hair is another side effect of shaving. If you want to forget about the problem of ingrown hair avoid shaving against the grain.

Dark circles
If you are stressed at work and don’t get enough sleep, your skin will betray you right away. Bad eating habits would also affect your skin condition. The combination of these reasons causes dark under-eye circles. Healthy eating habits and a lot of water would improve the quality of your skin. You can also put two slices of cucumber or wet tea bags on your eye lids and relax for a bit.

Many people often forget about sun protection. UV radiation is very harmful for your skin. Fair-skinned people often suffer from sunburns as their skin does not produce enough melanin to protect it from the sun. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen before you go on the street. After sun care is also important. High levels of sun exposure will dry your skin. Apply some moisturiser once you are indoors. Vitamin E would also help you deal with sunburns.

Dry skin
Cold temperatures and constant air heating may irritate your skin. Dry and itchy skin is a normal thing during the winter season. Both men and women should apply moisturisers on the daily basis. Moisturiser would soften the rough male skin and make shaving easier.


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