Apr 292013

Dayal Bagh

Dayal Bagh area is located towards the north of Agra city. The place constitutes an extension of the city. The place lies at a distance of about 13 kms from the city center. Although it forms the peripheral regions of the city but the place has a good influence of the city.

The place is one of the many tourist destinations in Agra. The place is sacred to the followers of Radha Swami faith.

The prime attraction of the region is the memorial of Swamiji Maharaj. The structure is a blend of mosque, temple and gurudwara architecture. Built in white marble the construction of the lofty structure started on 1904 A.D. and is believed never to be ended.

An institute named Radha Swami Institute also has been erected. Every year hundreds of devotes come to the place and pay homage to Swami Maharaj. Other important institutes in the region include the Technical College and Women’s Training College.

Dayal Bagh is connected to Agra city via roadways. Dayal Bagh Road links the area with Agra city. One can access the place by boarding a bus or hiring a taxi from Agra city. The place is quite close to the Civil Lines area of Agra city. By train one has to get down at Raja Ki Mandi Railway Station as it is the nearest one. The place that is Dayal Bagh is about 5 kms from the railway station. Dayal Bagh is about 14 kms from Agra Airport. The airport is situated north-west of Dayal Bagh.

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