Apr 292013

Sikandra Fort

The greatest of the Mughal emperors, Akbar was quite right in the head. His contributions to Agra city and the nation are par excellence. Akbar during his life time planned and carried out many important projects that covered broad institutions like arts, literature, religion, architecture and statesmanship. Sikandra Fort is one example that roughly gives an idea of the emperors foresight. The tomb of Sikandra Fort was built by Akbar himself during his life time. Emperor Jehangir, Akbar’s son, continued the project which ultimately led to the foundation of the Sikandra Fort complex.

Sikandra Fort is located in the western periphery of the city at a distance of about 10 kms from the city center. The fort is provided in a prodigal garden. The garden is enclosed within the walls in a typical charbagh fashion. The garden houses water channels running through it, fountains and paved causeways.

The tomb built in red sandstone and beautifully carved reflects the persona of the great emperor. The tomb which stands as a graduated pyramid has been built as a five storeyed structure. The main tomb is square in shape and is unlike the rest of mughal buildings. The tomb is beautified with inlay marble work and pattern work. The structure has numerous bays and massive piers and arches.

Equally beautiful are the gateways of the fort. There are four sandstone gates that lead to the complex and only southern gate leads to the tomb. The gateways are decorated with elegant mosaic works. There are four minarets at the corners of the gateways which are also decorated in a similar fashion. The whole complex is a favorite picnic spot that see visitors coming from all over the places.

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