Apr 262013

India vs China

New Delhi: India could soon consider the retaliatory option, of exercising similar pressure on China, by establishing tented posts of Indian troops in other sectors along the LAC.

While Indian troops are not engaging in any action that could provoke the Chinese just as yet, this option could be considered in case the Chinese troops do not end their occupation of their tented post, in the Daulat Beg Oldi (DBO) sector, in the eastern Ladakh soon.

The Chinese troops have been occupying the post for the past 10 days. Sources indicated that the issue may ultimately have to be resolved by being “tactical” by the local commanders since there seems to be no military mobilisation by either side.

With China not exhibiting any aggressive rhetoric so far, any outright military mobilisation by India, to intimidate the Chinese, is only being seen as the “last option”.

India is aware that the Chinese too could retaliate in ample measure. But India could send more troops to the area in case any significant Chinese military movement is detected.

The Indian troops in Ladakh continue to be on a state of alert. The China Study Group (CSG) is playing a major role within the government to decide on India’s future course of action.

The External Affairs Minister, Salman Khurshid, has also affirmed that the two, sides will be able to resolve matters.

There are speculations that India may consider use of unmanned aerial vehicles as well as stepping up of border patrolling on the ground along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) to keep a tight vigil on the situation.

There are speculations also that some vehicular movement may have been noticed on the Chinese side and that supplies to the Chinese soldiers at the tented post could be replenished.

But there was no official word on this. The Chinese had earlier built a road, in their territory, which is reportedly a few kilometres from the tented post, now established, by them.

It remains unclear whether the decision to establish the tented post was taken by a local commander acting on his own judgement or whether there was some larger territorial design by Beijing.

Beijing on Thursday maintained that it had caused no “provocation” and that; the present incident would not affect peace and stability on the border or the development of the bilateral ties.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Hua Chunying, told reporters: “I do not agree with your allegation that it is the Chinese side that has caused the provocation between the border troops”. Stating that “China’s troops have never crossed the (LAC) line”, Chunying said. “China and India are neighbours and the boundary is not demarcated yet.”

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