Apr 192013

Pervez MusharrafPhotograph by Ted Thai for Time

ISLAMABAD: Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf has been arrested by the police in Islamabad.

On Thursday morning, the Islamabad High Court had cancelled his bail in a case related to the dismissal of judges when he was Pakistan’s president.

“Look who is running, Musharraf is running,” lawyers at Islamabad high court chanted as former dictator Pervez Musharraf fled after the court revoked his bail and ordered arrest in a treason case. A police officer said the ex-president’s men deployed at the court could have detained the former ruler, but he managed to escape. But the policemen and paramilitary soldiers at the court did not to try to prevent Musharraf from fleeing.

Senior Islamabad police officers went for negotiations to the farmhouse where Musharraf is holed up, but returned without any result. “Since he escaped and nobody tried to arrest him, his house was declared a sub-jail and he was put under house-arrest.” The government had to act within 24 hours of the high court decision or face contempt of court.

Musharraf’s close aide and lawyer Ahmad Raza Kasuri regretted the court’s order, saying it had not heard his arguments. “It is a one-sided decision,” he said. “People are asking, is this democracy? Is this the rule of law? Is this the independence of judiciary? With the passing time, the courts are maligning their image.” Kasuri said the former president was in a relaxed mood, having his coffee and smoking cigar.


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  1. He is just detained in his platial palace to enjoy….

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